The procedure for recognition of professional qualifications begins with an application.

Additional information on the application for professional recognition (e.g. concerning requirements, documents, verifications, steps in the procedure, processing time, fees) is available under "Professional recognition; Application".


Written form

The written form is required for filing an application for non-regulated professions, i.e. the application must be made in writing and must be submitted to the appropriate authority with a genuine signature.  Electronic submission is also possible if the email includes a qualified signature; under § 2 (3) of the Digital Signature Act a qualified signature requires a certificate from a certification service provider. These providers verify the identify of the person of the user and generate an electronic certificate for this person. A list of currently accredited certification service providers is provided at the website of the Federal Network Agency.

An application by oral delivery from the responsible authority, i.e. an application delivered verbally by an applicant who is physically present to a staff member of the responsible authority, is also sufficient.

An application by fax is also possible when the original document has the signature of the applicant.

The written form provision does not apply in regulated professions. Here the applications do not have to be personally signed or have a qualified signature.


Responsible authority

Those seeking professional recognition must consult the particular authority that is responsible for their profession to review the equivalence of their foreign professional qualification. You can determine which authority is the relevant one for your application for example by using the Recognition Finder in the information portal for recognition of foreign professional qualifications. This portal will assist you in finding the correct reference profession.


Online submission

If you would like to communicate with the competent authority through the platform for secure communication in Bavaria (Plattform für sichere Kommunikation in Bayern) and send messages and applications to the connected authorities with encryption, you will be forwarded to the Platform by clicking "To the online application" in the "Requirements" or "Forms" tab after selecting the data for your project for professional recognition. At the platform you will first have to register / authenticate yourself to create a user account (initial registration may require up to 10 business days) and then create a "case mailbox" for each project.

You must first determine the appropriate authority for your profession using the Recognition Finder in the portal "Recognition in Germany" and then select it when creating the case mailbox.

Additional information on the electronic procedure management is available under "Electronic procedure management".

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