Points of Single Contact (Bavaria)

Contact adresses for the Points of Single Contact in Bavaria

The tasks of the Point of Single Contact have been taken over in Bavaria by the chambers concerning the commercial and service professions. If there exists no chamber for your profession, you will be supported by the locally responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Certain districts and cities also exercise the tasks of a Point of Single Contact for their territory. Please click on the region you are interested in to get more information on your Point of Single Contact.

Districts in Bavaria District Aichach-FriedbergDistrict AltöttingDistrict Amberg-SulzbachDistrict AnsbachDistrict AschaffenburgDistrict AugsburgDistrict Bad KissingenDistrict Bad Tölz-WolfratshausenDistrict BambergDistrict BayreuthDistrict Berchtesgadener LandDistrict ChamDistrict CoburgDistrict DachauDistrict DeggendorfDistrict Dillingen a.d.DonauDistrict Dingolfing-LandauDistrict Donau-RiesDistrict EbersbergDistrict EichstättDistrict ErdingDistrict Erlangen-HöchstadtDistrict ForchheimDistrict FreisingDistrict Freyung-GrafenauDistrict FürstenfeldbruckDistrict FürthDistrict Garmisch-PartenkirchenDistrict GünzburgDistrict HaßbergeDistrict HofDistrict KelheimDistrict KitzingenDistrict KronachDistrict KulmbachDistrict Landsberg am LechDistrict LandshutDistrict LichtenfelsDistrict Lindau (Bodensee)District Main-SpessartDistrict MiesbachDistrict MiltenbergDistrict Mühldorf a.InnDistrict MünchenDistrict Neuburg-SchrobenhausenDistrict Neumarkt i.d.OPf.District Neustadt a.d.Aisch-Bad WindsheimDistrict Neustadt a.d.WaldnaabDistrict Neu-UlmDistrict Nürnberger LandDistrict OberallgäuDistrict OstallgäuDistrict PassauDistrict Pfaffenhofen a.d.IlmDistrict RegenDistrict RegensburgDistrict Rhön-GrabfeldDistrict RosenheimDistrict RothDistrict Rottal-InnDistrict SchwandorfDistrict SchweinfurtDistrict StarnbergDistrict Straubing-BogenDistrict TirschenreuthDistrict TraunsteinDistrict UnterallgäuDistrict Weilheim-SchongauDistrict Weißenburg-GunzenhausenDistrict Wunsiedel i.FichtelgebirgeDistrict Würzburg Stadt AmbergStadt AnsbachStadt AschaffenburgStadt AugsburgStadt BambergStadt BayreuthStadt CoburgStadt ErlangenStadt FürthStadt HofStadt IngolstadtStadt KaufbeurenStadt Kempten (Allgäu)Stadt LandshutStadt MemmingenLandeshauptstadt MünchenStadt NürnbergStadt PassauStadt RegensburgStadt RosenheimStadt SchwabachStadt SchweinfurtStadt StraubingStadt Weiden i.d.OPf.Stadt Würzburg

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