Installation of industrial machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified (

If you select a location, the contact details of the responsible Point of Single Contact and the responsible authority as well as locally valid information will be displayed.

The following formalities are performed by responsible authorities and can also be handled via the Point of Single Contact if necessary. Please specify the location via Change selection. If you choose "To the responsible Point of Single Contact for ..." (if available), the contact details of the responsible Point of Single Contact are displayed. The contact details of the competent authority/-ies are displayed after choosing the formality.

Formalities according to the Services Directive

Formalities according to the Services Directive

For taking-up and pursuit of a service the follwoing specific service-related formalities (authorisations and notifications) must always be obeyed:

  • Craft; determination of necessity of craft registration.

    Your venture may be liable to a permit under trade law or a notification. To allow the Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades to decide whether or not your venture requires an application for registration in the Register of Craftsmen and/or merely a notification, please start by completing the information sheet on the circumstances of your enterprise (see “Forms”). The competent Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades will contact you after investigating the information provided.

  • Business registration; business registration by non-EU citizens

    If you want to start a standing trade, you must report this. You must also report the start of operation of a branch office or a dependent branch office, as well as the relocation of the business.

Formalities relating to the place of business

Formalities relating to the place of business

In addition to the requirements related to a specific service there are authorisations and/or notification obligations in other legal areas regarding the place of business which CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact.

Requirements particularly in the areas of construction law, public road legislation, imission control law, water and waste law, listed building regulations and forest law should be taken into account.

Formalities relating to the employment of workers

Formalities relating to the employment of workers

If you would like to hire an employee you need to proceed with the following steps. These formalities CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact.

If the employment is terminated you also have to inform the authorities where the employee has been registered.

Tax related formalities

Tax related formalities

For taking-up and pursuit of a service please also consider the following tax related formalities which CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact:

Personal formalities

Personal formalities

We would also like to inform you about the following personal formalities which CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact:

  • Residence; Registration

    When you move into an apartment, you must register with the relevant registration office (municipality, city or administrative community) within two weeks.

  • National visa; application and extension

    For entry for longer-term stays (over 90 days) or stays leading to gainful employment, foreigners requiring a visa need a national visa.

Characteristics and key concepts of the service

This service includes the specialized installation of machinery and equipment. The installation if equipment which constitutes and integral part of a building or edifice, such as e.g. electrical wiring, or the installation of moving staircases, anti-burglary systems, or air conditioners, is classified under building and construction/civil engineering.

This service includes:

  • Installation of industrial machinery in production facilities
  • Installation of industrial process control equipment
  • Installation of other technical products, e.g.:
    • Communications-engineering equipment
    • Mainframes and similar computers
    • Radiation and electro-medical equipment
  • Professional disassembly of large machinery
  • Set-up of machinery
  • Set-up of bowling alleys


  • Allgemein-Mechanikerin
  • Anlagen zur Prozesssteuerung, industrielle, Montage
  • Anlagen zur Prozesssteuerung, Montage
  • Automatisierungssysteme zum Steuern und Regeln, Montage
  • Chirurgiemechaniker
  • Dampfkessel mit industrieller Kapazität, Installation
  • Dauerbetrieb-Steuerungsanlagen (Prozesssteuerungsanlagen), industrielle, Montage
  • Dreherin
  • Einbau von Isolatoren aus Keramik in Stromaggregate
  • Elektroinstallation
  • Elektromechanikerin
  • Elektrotechnikerin
  • Feinmechanikerin
  • Feinwerkmechanikerin
  • Fernmeldeanlagenelektronikerin
  • Fernmeldeanlagenmechanikerin; Elektroinstallateurin
  • Industriemontagen/Montagen von selbsthergestellten Dampfkesseln)
  • Installation von EDV-Anlagen (Großrechner)
  • Installation von elektrischen Ausrüstungen für Industriemotoren
  • Installation von Fotokopiergeräten u.a. Büromaschinen
  • Installation von gewerblichen Ausrüstungen für Rundfunk sowie Bild- und Tonaufzeichnungsgeräten
  • Installation von gewerblichen Zeitmessinstrumenten und -geräten
  • Installation von Heizkesseln mit industrieller Kapazität (z.B. für die Fernheizung)
  • Installation von Karussells, Wippen, Schießständen und anderen Geräten und Ausrüstungen für das Schaustellergewerbe
  • Installation von Kommunikationssystemen (Netzwerke)
  • Installation von land- und forstwirtschaftlichen Maschinen
  • Installation von Metallkonstruktionen
  • Installation von Milchkühlanlagen
  • Installation von Netzwerken
  • Installation von Orgeln
  • Installation von Sonderausrüstung von Spezialfahrzeugen
  • Maschinenbauerin
  • Montage von Anlagen für die chemische Industrie
  • Montage von Anlagen für die Kunststoffindustrie
  • Montage von Fahrgeschäften (Kinderkarussell)
  • Montage von Maschinen f.d. Ernährungsgewerbe
  • Montage von selbst hergestellten Kinderspielgeräten (Wippen, Schaukeln etc.)
  • Montage von Solarien
  • Motorenwicklerei (Reparatur von Elektromotoren)
  • Mühlenbauerin
  • Prozessleitsysteme, Montage
  • Prozesssteuerungsanlagen, industrielle, Montage
  • Prozesssteuerungssysteme, industrielle, Montage
  • Skelettkonstruktionen aus Stahl und Leichtmetall, H. (Installation)
  • Sprechanlageninstallation
  • Stahlhallen, Montage
  • Steuerungsanlagen (Prozess-), Montage
  • Werkzeugmacherin