Manufacture of musical instruments (

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Formalities according to the Services Directive

Formalities according to the Services Directive

For taking-up and pursuit of a service the follwoing specific service-related formalities (authorisations and notifications) must always be obeyed:

  • Craft; determination of the necessity of craft registration

    Your venture may be liable to a permit under trade law or a notification. To allow the Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades to decide whether or not your venture requires an application for registration in the Register of Craftsmen and/or merely a notification, please start by completing the information sheet on the circumstances of your enterprise (see “Forms”). The competent Chamber of Crafts and Skilled Trades will contact you after investigating the information provided.

  • Business registration; business registration by non-EU citizens

    If you want to start a standing trade, you must report this. You must also report the start of operation of a branch office or a dependent branch office, as well as the relocation of the business.

Formalities relating to the employment of workers

Formalities relating to the employment of workers

If you would like to hire an employee you need to proceed with the following steps. These formalities CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact.

If the employment is terminated you also have to inform the authorities where the employee has been registered.

Tax related formalities

Tax related formalities

For taking-up and pursuit of a service please also consider the following tax related formalities which CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact:

  • Taxes; information for cross-border activities

    For service providers who operate across borders without a branch in Germany, there are various special responsibilities and special regulations depending on the tax liability, activity or type of tax.

Personal formalities

Personal formalities

We would also like to inform you about the following personal formalities which CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact:

Characteristics and key concepts of the service

This service includes:

  • Manufacture of stringed instruments
  • Manufacture of stringed instruments with keyboard, including automatic pianos
  • Manufacture of organs (with keyboard and pipes), reed organs, and similar instruments with keyboard and free metal reeds
  • Manufacture of concertinas and similar instruments, including harmonicas
  • Manufacture of wind instruments
  • Manufacture of percussion instruments
  • Manufacture of electronic musical instruments
  • Manufacture of musical boxes, orchestrions, hurdy-gurdys, etc.
  • Manufacture of parts and accessories for musical instruments:
    • Metronomes, tuning forks, pitch pipes, cards, disks and rolls for mechanical nickelodeons, etc.
  • Manufacture of whistles, horns, and other hand-blown audio signaling instruments


  • Akkordeons, H.
  • Becken (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Blasinstrumente, H.
  • Blechblasinstrumente, H.
  • Blockflöten, H.
  • Bogen für Streichinstrumente, H.
  • Bogenmacher (für Saiteninstrumente)
  • Bogenmacherin
  • Celli, H.
  • Cembalos, H.
  • Digital-Pianos (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Drehorgeln, H.
  • Dudelsäcke, H.
  • Effekt- und Rhythmusgeräte (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Elektronische Musikinstrumente, H.
  • Fagotte, H.
  • Fanfarentrompeten, H.
  • Feinwerkmechanikerin; Orgelbauerin
  • Flöten (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Flügel (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Geigen, H.
  • Geigenbau, Geigenbauer
  • Geigenbauerin
  • Gitarren, H.
  • Gongs (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Hälse für Musikinstrumente, H.
  • Handharmonikas, H.
  • Handzuginstrumentenmacher
  • Handzuginstrumentenmacherin
  • Harfen, H.
  • Harmonien, H.
  • Harmoniumbau, Harmoniumbauer
  • Holzblasinstrumente, H.
  • Holzblasinstrumentenmacher
  • Holzblasinstrumentenmacherin
  • Hörner (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Kastagnetten (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Keyboards (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Klangschalen, H.
  • Klarinetten, H.
  • Klavier- und Cembalobauerin
  • Klavierbau, Klavierbauer
  • Klavierbauerin
  • Klaviere, H.
  • Klaviersaiten, H.
  • Konzertinas, H.
  • Lauten, H.
  • Lockpfeifen (mundgeblasene Tonsignalinstrumente), H.
  • Mandolinen, H.
  • Metallblasinstrumentenmacher
  • Metallblasinstrumentenmacherin
  • Metronome, H.
  • Mundharmonikas, H.
  • Musikinstrumente , H.
  • Musikwerke für Spieldosen, H.
  • Oboen, H.
  • Okarinas, H.
  • Orchestrien, H.
  • Orgel- und Harmoniumbauerin
  • Orgelbau, Orgelbauer
  • Orgeln, H.
  • Pauken, H.
  • Pfeifen (mundgeblasene Tonsignalinstrumente), H.
  • Pfeifen (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Pfeifenorgeln, H.
  • Pianos, H.
  • Posaunen, H.
  • Querflöten, H.
  • Saiten, H.
  • Saiteninstrumente, H.
  • Saxophone, H.
  • Schellenbäume (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Schlaginstrumente, H.
  • Schlagzeugmacher
  • Schlagzeugmacherin
  • Signalinstrumente (mundgeblasene Tonsignalinstrumente), H.
  • Spieluhren und -dosen (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Stimmgabeln und -pfeifen, H.
  • Streichinstrumente, H.
  • Synthesizer (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Tasten für Akkordeons, Klaviere, Orgeln und Harmonien, H.
  • Tonsignalinstrumente, mundgeblasene, H.
  • Trommeln (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Tuben (Musikinstrumente), H.
  • Wirbel für Musikinstrumente, H.
  • Xylophone, H.
  • Zithern, H.
  • Zungenorgeln, H.
  • Zupfinstrumente, H.
  • Zupfinstrumentenmacher
  • Zupfinstrumentenmacherin