Retail sale of bicycles, their parts and accessories in specialized stores (

Service - charges

Charges for this service

Here you can find an overview of the important charges applicable in Bavaria.

If you select a location (see "Your selection - location"), you will find locally valid charges if available.

More information about charges may be available on the internet site of the responsible public authority.

Formalities according to the Services Directive

To the responsible Point of Single Contact

  • Certificate of good conduct; application for a simple certificate of good conduct

    • 13.00 EUR

      Exemption from fees: In the case of indigence (e.g. recipients of unemployment benefit II, social welfare recipients, recipients of the child supplement according to § 6a of the Federal Child Benefit Act) or if the certificate of good conduct is required for a special purpose. This is assumed to be the case if the certificate of good conduct is required for a voluntary activity in a non-profit or comparable institution (for exemption from fees, see also "Further links").

      If the application is submitted electronically, proof of indigence must be provided electronically.

The following charges may also be interesting:

Formalities relating to the place of business

Personal formalities

  • Fees, Bavaria-wide
  • Fees, locally limited