Business and other management consultancy activities (

This service 'Business and other management consultancy activities' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes:

  • This Section includes the consultancy, guidance, and practical support of enterprises and other organizations in management issues such as e.g. strategic and organizational planning; readjustment of business processes (including reorganization consultancy); change management; cost reduction and other financial matters; marketing goals and measures; HR measures, processes and planning (including the associated consultancy for the recruiting and selection of professionals and executives); production planning and control planning. These business-related services may include the consultancy, guidance, and practical support of enterprises and public institutions with regard to:
    • Drafting of accounting methods or procedures, cost breakdown programs, budget control methods
    • Consultancy and support of enterprises and public institutions in planning, organization, streamlining and control, management information, etc.

This service does not include:

  • Development of computer software for accounting systems (see 62.01.9)
  • Legal counseling and representation (see 69.10)
  • Auditing and tax consultancy (see 69.20.1 and 69.20.2); book-keeping (see 69.20)
  • Consultancy activities for architectural and engineering offices (see 71.11.1, 71.11.2, 71.11.3, 71.12)
  • Consulting activities in the areas of environmental protection, agriculture and safety, and similar consulting activities (see 74.90.0)
  • Recruitment, selection and placement of human resources, including the recruitment and placement of executives (see 78.10.0)
  • Professional development and career counseling (see 85.60.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Anlageberatung (Unternehmensberatung)
  • Bench-Marking
  • Berater (Unternehmensberatung)
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  • Fischerei (Dienstleistungen auf der fischwirtschaftlichen Erzeugerstufe, Fluss- und Seenfischerei)
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  • Konkursverwaltung
  • Kostenerfassungsprogramme, Entwurf (wirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung)
  • Logistikberatung
  • Managementberatung
  • Marketingberatung
  • Medizinökonomische Beratung (Managementberatung)
  • Mitarbeiterakquisition (Personalberatung)
  • Modeberatung (wirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung)
  • Organisationsberatung (wirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung)
  • Personalberatung (Unternehmensberatung)
  • Qualitätsmanagementberatung
  • Rating
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  • REFA-Beratung (wirtschaftliche Unternehmensberatung)
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  • Unternehmensberatung, wirtschaftliche
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