Manufacture of technical and industrial textiles (

This service 'Manufacture of technical and industrial textiles' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes:

  • Manufacture of belts and straps including fabrics made of glued warps without weft
  • Manufacture of labels, badges, etc.
  • Manufacture of ornamental braids: Trimmings, tassels, pompons, etc.
  • Manufacture of fabrics impregnated, covered, patched or laminated with plastics
  • Manufacture of metal-lined fabrics and metallized yarns, of textile-covered rubber cords made of elastic thread, of rubber or plastic covered, impregnated, coated or reinforced textile filament yarns or strips
  • Manufacture of cord fabrics for motor vehicle tires from high-tenacity synthetic fiber yarns
  • Manufacture of other treated or coated fabrics: buckram or similar stiffened textile fabrics, fabrics covered with rubber or other starchy substances
  • Manufacture of various different textile goods for technical use: wicks, gas mantles, flexible hoses, conveyor belts and driving belts (whether or not reinforced with metal or other fabrics), bolting cloth, filter strainer cloths
  • Manufacture of textile products for the equipment of motor vehicles
  • Manufacture of plates and tracing cloth pasted with painting canvas

This service does not include:

  • Manufacture of conveyor belts and driving belts made from textile materials, yarns, or cord, whether or not impregnated, coated, covered, or laminated with rubber, in cases where rubber is the material’s main constituent (see 22.19.0)
  • Manufacture of cellular rubber or cellular plastic plates or mats merely reinforced with textiles (see 22.19.0, 22.21.0)
  • Manufacture of metal meshes (see 25.93.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Bandflechterei und -weberei (H. von technischen Textilien)
  • Bandweberei und -flechterei (H. technischer Textilien)
  • Cordgewebe für Kraftfahrzeugreifen, H.
  • Filtertücher (Erzeugnisse der Bandweberei und -flechterei), H.
  • Förderbänder (Erzeugnisse der Bandweberei und -flechterei), H.
  • Gewebe mit Metalleinlagen , H.
  • Gurte (Erzeugnisse der Bandweberei und -flechterei), H.
  • Gurtweberei
  • Kunststoffbeschichtete textile Trägerbahnen (H. von technischen Textilien), H.
  • Müllergaze, H.
  • Posamentiererin
  • Reifencord, H.
  • Schläuche, gewebte, auch gummierte, H.
  • Schlauchweberei
  • Textilwaren des technischen Bedarfs (Erzeugnisse der Bandweberei und -flechterei), H.
  • Troddeln (Erzeugnisse der Bandweberei und -flechterei), H.
  • Verzierungsborten (Erzeugnisse der Bandweberei und -flechterei), H.