Wholesale of dairy products, eggs and edible oils and fats (

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The following formalities are performed by responsible authorities and can also be handled via the Point of Single Contact if necessary. Please specify the location via Change selection. If you choose "To the responsible Point of Single Contact for ..." (if available), the contact details of the responsible Point of Single Contact are displayed. The contact details of the competent authority/-ies are displayed after choosing the formality.

Other service-related formalities

Other service-related formalities

For taking-up and pursuit of a service the following service-related formalities, which CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact, must be obeyed:

Formalities relating to the employment of workers

Formalities relating to the employment of workers

If you would like to hire an employee you need to proceed with the following steps. These formalities CANNOT be processed through the Point of Single Contact.

If the employment is terminated you also have to inform the authorities where the employee has been registered.

Characteristics and key concepts of the service

This service includes:

  • Wholesale of milk and dairy products
  • Wholesale of eggs and egg products
  • Wholesale of animal or vegetable cooking oils and edible fats


  • Brotaufstriche, als Butterersatz, Gh.
  • Butter, Gh.
  • Buttermilch, Gh.
  • Butterschmalz, Gh.
  • Casein, Gh.
  • Dauermilch, Gh.
  • Eiaustauschstoffe, Gh.
  • Eier, Gh.
  • Eier, pulverisiert und rekonstituiert, Gh.
  • Eieralbumin, Gh.
  • Eierzeugnisse, Gh.
  • Eipulver, Gh.
  • Extraktionstran (Fischtran), Gh.
  • Fertigpudding, Gh.
  • Fette (Nahrungsfette), Gh.
  • Fettwaren (Nahrungsfette), Gh.
  • Fischöl und -tran, Gh.
  • Flaschenmilch, sterilisiert, Gh.
  • Frischkäse, Gh.
  • Frischmilch, Gh.
  • Grieben, Gh.
  • Hartkäse, Gh.
  • Joghurt, Gh.
  • Käse, Gh.
  • Kasein, Gh.
  • Kochfette, gemischte, Gh.
  • Kondensmilch, Gh.
  • Kunstspeisefette, Gh.
  • Labkasein, Gh.
  • Leinsamenöl, Gh.
  • Magermilch, Gh.
  • Maiskeimöl, Gh.
  • Maisöl, Gh.
  • Margarine, Gh.
  • Milch, Gh.
  • Milcherzeugnisse , Gh.
  • Milchmischgetränke, Gh.
  • Milchpräparate , Gh.
  • Milchpulver, Gh.
  • Milchzucker, Gh.
  • Molke, Gh.
  • Molkepulver, Gh.
  • Molkereiprodukte , Gh.
  • Nahrungsfette , Gh.
  • Öle für Ernährungszwecke , Gh.
  • Olivenöl, Gh.
  • Palmkernöl, Gh.
  • Pflanzenöle, Gh.
  • Plattenfette (Nahrungsfette, ohne diätetische), Gh.
  • Quark, Gh.
  • Quarkspeisen, Gh.
  • Rahm, Gh.
  • Rohleberöl (für Ernährungszwecke), Gh.
  • Rohmilch, Gh.
  • Rohöle, pflanzliche (für Ernährungszwecke), Gh.
  • Sahne, Gh.
  • Sauermilchkäse, Gh.
  • Schafsmilch, Gh.
  • Schlagrahm, Gh.
  • Schleudertran (Presstran), Gh.
  • Schmalz, Gh.
  • Schmelzkäse, Gh.
  • Schmelzkäsezubereitungen, Gh.
  • Schnittkäse, Gh.
  • Sojabohnenöl, Gh.
  • Sonnenblumenkernöl, Gh.
  • Speisefette , Gh.
  • Speiseöle , Gh.
  • Speisetalg, Gh.
  • Talg (Speise-), Gh.
  • Trinkmilch, Gh.
  • Trockenmilcherzeugnisse, Gh.
  • Vollmilch, Gh.
  • Weichkäse, Gh.
  • Ziegenmilch, Gh.