Other building and industrial cleaning activities not elsewhere classified (

This service 'Other building and industrial cleaning activities not elsewhere classified' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes:

  • Exterior cleaning of buildings of all types such as office, factory, and institutional buildings, shops and stores, and other business premises; as well as of residential buildings containing several housing units
  • Special cleaning of buildings such as window cleaning; cleaning of furnaces, tanks, air shafts, and ventilation systems
  • Cleaning of industrial machinery
  • Sterilization of objects or facilities (e.g. operating rooms)
  • Other cleaning of buildings; cleaning of plants, equipment and stocks not elsewhere classified

This service does not include:

  • Cleaning of newly constructed buildings (basic cleaning of buildings) (see 43.39.0)
  • Facade cleaning by steam, sandblasting, or the like (see 43.99.9)
  • Shampooing of carpets and carpet runners, cleaning of curtains and drapes, also on the customers’ premises (see 96.01.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Abflussreinigung
  • Abflussreinigung in Bauwerken
  • Bierleitungsreinigung
  • Dachrinnenreinigung
  • Dampfkesselreinigung
  • Gebäudereinigerin
  • Gebäudereinigung, spezielle
  • Getränkeleitungsreinigung
  • Industriereinigung (Reinigung v. Industriemaschinen)
  • Kesselreinigung, Kesselsteinbeseitigung
  • Leitungsreinigung
  • Ofenreinigung
  • Ölfeuerungsreinigung
  • Öltankreinigung (Reinigung ortsfester Tanks)
  • Polsterreinigung
  • Reinigen von Kunstrasen
  • Reinigung von Faultürmen und Kläranlagen
  • Reinigung von Getränkeleitungen, Bierleitungen
  • Reinigung von Grabsteinen aus Metall
  • Reinigung von Industrieanlagen
  • Reinigung von Polstermöbeln
  • Reinigung von Schankanlagen
  • Rohrreinigung
  • Rohrreinigung in Bauwerken
  • Rohrreinigungsservice
  • Tankreinigung (Reinigung ortsfester Tanks)
  • Teppichbodenreinigung
  • Teppichreinigung