Hotels (excl. hotels providing bed and breakfast only) (

This service 'Hotels (excl. hotels providing bed and breakfast only)' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes the mostly short-term accommodation of guests (by the day or week). It also includes accommodation in furnished rentals such as guest rooms and apartments. The units classified hereunder offer daily making-up of the beds and cleaning of the rooms, and in addition to the guestrooms also offer a restaurant accessible to passers-by as well as a series of additional services such as the provision of parking spaces, dry cleaning, swimming pools, gyms and recreational facilities, meeting and conference rooms.

This service includes the accommodation in:

  • Hotels
  • Resort hotels
  • Suite and apartment hotels
  • Motels

This service does not include:

  • Provision of houses and furnished or unfurnished apartments for longer-term use, normally on a monthly or yearly basis (see Section 68)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Autobahnhotels
  • Beherbergungsbetriebe (gehobene Klasse) mit öffentlich zugänglichem Restaurant sowie Nebenräumen und Zusatzangeboten (Sauna
  • Beherbergungsstätten
  • Beherbergungsstätten (Hotels)
  • Boardinghouses
  • Bungalow-Hotels
  • Flughafenhotels
  • Gastgewerbe (Hotels)
  • Hotellerie (Hotels)
  • Hotels
  • Kurhotels, als Hotels betrieben
  • Motels, als Hotels betrieben
  • Schiffe, als Hotels betrieben
  • Schönheitsfarmen, als Hotels betrieben
  • Schwimmbad etc.); Nebenraum