Building of pleasure and sporting boats (

This service 'Building of pleasure and sporting boats' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes:

  • Manufacture of inflatable boats and rafts
  • Building of sailboats and yachts, also with auxiliary engine
  • Building of motor boats
  • Building of hovercraft for recreational purposes
  • Manufacture of small watercraft such as jet skis and the like
  • Manufacture of other recreational and sporting boats
    • Canoes, kayaks, rowing boats, skiffs

This service does not include:

  • Manufacture of part of pleasure boats and recreational craft:
    • Manufacture of sails (see 13.92.0)
    • Manufacture of anchors made of iron or steel (see 25.99.3)
    • Manufacture of ship engines (see 28.11.0)
    • Manufacture of navigation instruments (see 26.51.1)
  • Manufacture of sailing boards and surfboards (see 32.30.0)
  • Maintenance and repair of pleasure boats (see 33.15.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Arbeitsboote, H.
  • Boote, H.
  • Boots- und Schiffbauerin; Bootsbauerin
  • Bootsbau
  • Flöße, H.
  • Jachtbau
  • Kajaks, H.
  • Kanus, H.
  • Motorboote, H.
  • Motorsportboote, H.
  • Motorsportboote und -yachten, H.
  • Motoryachten, H.
  • Paddelboote, H.
  • Rettungsboote, H.
  • Ruderboote, H.
  • Schlauchboote, H.
  • Segelboote, H.
  • Skiffs, H.
  • Vergnügungs- und Sportboote, H.
  • Werften (Bootswerften; H.v. Booten und Yachten)
  • Yachten, H.