Collection of hazardous waste (

This service 'Collection of hazardous waste' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes the collection of (solid and non-solid) hazardous waste with explosive, oxidizing, flammable, toxic, irritating, noxious, carcinogenic, corrosive, infectious, or otherwise harmful effects on humans and the environment. This may include the identification, treatment, packaging, and labeling of waste for transportation purposes.

This service includes:

  • Collection of hazardous waste, e.g.
    • Waste oil from ships and repair shops
    • Paints and varnishes
    • Chemicals such as pesticides or cleaning agents
    • Biohazardous waste
    • Radioactive waste
    • Used batteries, etc.
  • Operation of transfer facilities for hazardous waste

This service does not include:

  • Collection of non-hazardous waste (see 38.11.0)
  • Treatment and disposal of hazardous waste (see 38.22.0)
  • Clean-up and decontamination of contaminated buildings, mining operations, soils, and groundwater (e.g. asbestos removal) (see 39.00.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Abfalltransport und -ablagerung (gefährliche Abfälle)
  • Containerdienst (Sammlung, Beförderung von gefährlichen Abfällen)
  • Sammlung von Altöl
  • Spalt- und Brutstoffe (Sammlung und Behandlung radioaktiver Abfälle)
  • Verklappung von gefährlichen Abfällen
  • Zwischenlagerung von gefährlichen Abfällen