Repair of electronic and optical equipment (

This service 'Repair of electronic and optical equipment' is coverd by the EU Service Directive.

This service includes the repair and maintenance of goods classified under the Groups 26.5, 26.6 and 26.7 of this classification, with the exception of goods not considered as household appliances.

This service includes:

  • Repair and maintenance of measuring, navigation, monitoring and control instruments and devices classified under Group 26.5 of this classification, such as:
    • Aircraft engine instruments
    • Instruments for motor-vehicle emissions testing
    • Meteorological instruments
    • Instruments for the checking and monitoring of physical, electrical, and chemical properties
    • Surveying instruments
    • Radiation detectors and instruments for radiation monitoring
  • Repair and maintenance of radiation and electrotherapeutic equipment as well as electromedical equipment categorized under Class 26.60 of this classification, such as:
    • MRI scanners
    • Medical ultrasound devices
    • Pacemakers
    • Hearing aids
    • Electrocardiographs
    • Electro-endoscopy apparatuses
    • Radiation apparatuses
  • Repair and maintenance of optical instruments and appliances categorized under Class 26.70 of this classification, in cases where said equipment is used predominantly for commercial purposes, such as:
    • Binoculars
    • Microscopes (excl. electron or field ion microscopes)
    • Telescopes
    • Prisms and lenses (excl. optical glasses)
    • Photographic apparatuses

This service does not include:

  • Repair and maintenance of photocopiers (see 33.12.0)
  • Repair and maintenance of data processing equipment and peripheral equipment (see 95.11.0)
  • Repair and maintenance of projectors (video beamers) (see 95.11.0)
  • Repair and maintenance of communication devices (see 95.12.0)
  • Repair and maintenance of commercial television and video cameras (see 95.12.0)
  • Repair of amateur video cameras (see 95.21.0)
  • Repair of watches and clocks (see 95.25.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Allgemein-Mechanikerin
  • Chirurgiemechaniker
  • Dreherin
  • Elektroinstallation
  • Elektromechanikerin
  • Elektrotechnikerin
  • Feinmechanikerin
  • Feinoptikerin; Elektroinstallateurin
  • Feinwerkmechanikerin
  • Fernmeldeanlagenelektronikerin
  • Fernmeldeanlagenmechanikerin
  • Maschinenbauerin
  • Mühlenbauerin
  • Reparatur von gewerblichen Ausrüstungen für Rundfunk sowie Bild- und Tonaufzeichnungen
  • Werkzeugmacherin