Other credit granting (except pawnbroking) (

This service 'Other credit granting (except pawnbroking)' is not coverd by the EU Service Directive.

For this service there are no further information available. The use of Points of Single Contact is not provided. For questions about a specific formality (approval or notification), please contact the responsible authority directly. The formalities relating to different subjects you will find under Formalities by subjects. If you select a formality, contact details of the responsible authority will be displayed. General information are available from the Servicestelle der Bayerischen Staatsregierung.

This service includes:

  • Mutual guarantee societies: Community institutions of banking, skilled craft, trade, or similar organizations; they grant deficit guarantees for longer-term loans to trades or businesses affiliated to them either directly or via their associations. These institutions are also deemed to include credit guarantee associations.
  • Loan societies: Institutions providing the collective safekeeping of securities and the clearing and settlement of securities transactions for their affiliated credit institutions and their customers
  • The provision of other financial services related primarily to the granting of loans by institutions not attributable to the central banks other credit institutions, and where the loans may have a variety of different forms, e.g. general loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, etc.:
    • Granting of consumer credits
    • Foreign trade finance
    • Provision of long-term credit instruments for enterprises by finance companies
    • Lending outside of the banking system
    • Granting of residential mortgage loans by special-purpose institutions which do not collect deposits

This service does not include:

  • Granting of residential mortgage loans by special-purpose institutions which also collect deposits (see 64.19.6)
  • Operating leasing (see Section 77), depending on the nature of the goods or objects leased
  • Granting of subsidies by interest lobbies and other membership organizations (see 94.99.9)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

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