Activities of non-medical practitioners (

This service 'Activities of non-medical practitioners' is not coverd by the EU Service Directive.

For this service there are no further information available. The use of Points of Single Contact is not provided. For questions about a specific formality (approval or notification), please contact the responsible authority directly. The formalities relating to different subjects you will find under Formalities by subjects. If you select a formality, contact details of the responsible authority will be displayed. General information are available from the Servicestelle der Bayerischen Staatsregierung.

This service includes:

  • Human medical activities of non-medical practitioners. These activities may be carried out in health clinics such as those attached to firms, schools, homes for the aged, labour organizations and fraternal organizations and in residential health facilities other than hospitals, as well as in own consulting rooms, patients’ homes or elsewhere. Also classified hereunder are the activities of qualified professionals for homeopathy, chiropractics, acupuncture, etc.

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Akupunkturpraxen (Heilpraktikerpraxen)
  • Aromatherapie
  • Augendiagnostische Praxen (Heilpraktikerpraxen)
  • Behandlung mit Tachyonen-Energie durch Heilpraktiker
  • Chiropraktische Praxen (Heilpraktikerpraxen)
  • Heilmagnetiseurpraxen
  • Heilpraktikerpraxen
  • Homöopathische Praxen
  • Hypnosepraxen (Heilpraktikerpraxen)
  • Naturheilpraktikerpraxen (humanmedizinische)
  • Praxen von Heilpraktiker(n/innen)
  • Praxis für Chinesiologie
  • Praxis für Kinesiotherapie
  • Praxis für Luxopunktur