Manufacture of coke oven products (

This service 'Manufacture of coke oven products' is not coverd by the EU Service Directive.

For this service there are no further information available. The use of Points of Single Contact is not provided. For questions about a specific formality (approval or notification), please contact the responsible authority directly. The formalities relating to different subjects you will find under Formalities by subjects. If you select a formality, contact details of the responsible authority will be displayed. General information are available from the Servicestelle der Bayerischen Staatsregierung.

This service includes:

  • Operation of coke ovens
  • Manufacture of coke and semi-coke
  • Manufacture of pitch and pitch coke
  • Manufacture of coal gas
  • Manufacture of hard-coal tar and lignite crude tar
  • Agglomeration of coke

This service does not include:

  • Manufacture of peat, hard coal, and lignite briquettes (see 19.20.0)

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

  • Benzol, roh (Kokereierzeugnis), H.
  • Braunkohlenkoks, H.
  • Braunkohlenrohteer, H.
  • Braunkohlenschwelkoks, H.
  • Gaswerkskoks, H.
  • Hüttenkoks, H.
  • Kohleaufbereitung, Kohleveredelung (Braunkohlenkoks)
  • Kohleaufbereitung, Kohleveredelung (Steinkohlenkoks)
  • Kokerei
  • Kokereigas, H.
  • Koks (Braunkohlen-), H.
  • Koks (Pech-), H.
  • Koks (Steinkohlen-), H.
  • Pech, H.
  • Pechkoks, H.
  • Rohbenzol (Kokereierzeugnis), H.
  • Rohteer (Steinkohlen-), H.
  • Steinkohlengas, H.
  • Steinkohlenkoks, H.
  • Steinkohlenrohteer, H.
  • Teer aus Braunkohle
  • Teer aus Steinkohle
  • Torfkoks, H.
  • Zechenkoks, H.