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The Single Point of Contact provides information on the necessary formalities and, at the request of the service provider, acts as a procedural mediator.



The service provider must be a national of an EU Member State or a country treated as such (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), or the company with its own legal personality must have its registered office in one of these countries or have been founded there.

The Single Point of Contact is also available for purely German domestic cases.

The economic activity must also fall within the scope of the Services Directive.

This applies to a broad, non-exhaustively defined range of service sectors. In principle, it applies to all tradable services. This includes, for example, trade, gastronomy, crafts, IT services, research and development, business services and technical services, consulting and the construction industry.

However, the Services Directive also provides for a number of exceptions and clarifications to protect particularly sensitive areas or areas that are already regulated elsewhere. For example, the directive excludes labor law, civil and criminal law issues as well as areas such as health, social, transport and financial services.

If you enter your project in the Bavarian Services Portal( under the heading "Formalities", you will receive information as to whether it falls within the scope of the Services Directive and whether you can therefore process the professional procedures and formalities required to take up and exercise the service activity via the Point of Single Contact.


Whether a deadline applies depends on the specific procedure.

Required documents

  • dependent on the specific request

Online procedures


  • The points of single contact may charge fees and expenses for their activities.


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