Food personnel; registration for instruction in accordance with the Infection Protection Act

The public health departments and the physicians appointed by them instruct food personnel in infection hygiene before they start work for the first time. You will need a certificate stating that you have attended an instruction session.


Persons may only carry out certain activities on a professional basis for the first time (e.g. producing, treating or placing foodstuffs on the market if they come into contact with them in the process, or activities in kitchens of restaurants and other establishments) and may only be employed in these activities for the first time if it is proven by a certificate issued by the public health department or a physician appointed by the public health department, which is not more than three months old, that they have

  • have been instructed by the public health department or by a physician appointed by the public health department about the prohibitions of activities specified in Section 42 (1) of the Infection Protection Act and about the obligations pursuant to Section 43 (2), (4) and (5) of the Infection Protection Act, and
  • have declared in text form after the instruction that they are not aware of any facts for a prohibition of activity with them.

An appointment must be made for participation in the instruction.

Important instructions for service providers

  • Wenn Sie eine gewerbsmäßige Tätigkeit ausüben, an die besondere lebensmittelhygienische Anforderungen gestellt werden, müssen Sie und alle betroffenen Mitarbeiter vor Beginn der Tätigkeit durch das Gesundheitsamt belehrt werden.


  • Fee according to the Ordinance on User Fees of the Health Administration.

Status: 26.07.2022

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege

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