Non-state institution of higher education; application for state recognition.

Educational institutions located in Bavaria can be state-recognized as higher education institutions by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts upon application by the sponsor.


State recognition determines the name, seat and sponsor of the institution of higher education, as well as the recognized courses of study and the academic degrees to be awarded upon their completion.

With the state recognition, the university receives the right to take university examinations, award university degrees and issue certificates within the scope of the recognition; these confer the same entitlements as university examinations, certificates and university degrees of the same study programs at state universities.


State recognition can be granted if

  • the financial circumstances of the institution give reason to expect that the necessary funds for the operation of the institution and for an education equivalent to that provided by state institutions of higher education will be made available on a permanent basis,
  • a plurality of courses of study leading to a first degree qualifying the graduate to enter a profession is envisaged; this does not apply if, within a field of study, the establishment of a plurality of courses of study is not suggested by the scientific development or the corresponding field of professional activity,
  • only persons who meet the requirements for admission to a corresponding state institution of higher education may take up the study program
  • the teaching duties of the higher education institution are predominantly performed by full-time teaching staff and the teaching staff meet the hiring requirements demanded for corresponding activities at state higher education institutions,
  • the economic and legal position of the full-time teaching staff is secured,
  • the members of the institution participate in the organization of the study program in analogous application of the principles applicable to state universities, and
  • it is ensured that the institution fulfills its tasks within the framework of the state order guaranteed by the Basic Law and the Constitution of the Free State of Bavaria.




  • A fee is charged. The amount depends on the administrative expense associated with the recognition.

Legal bases


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

Status: 28.03.2022

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