Company number for social security notifications assigned on request

As an employer, you must register your employees who are subject to social insurance contributions. You will need a company number for this.



You employ an employee subject to compulsory insurance for the first time in the relevant employing company.


Please apply for your company number electronically. You can submit the application yourself or commission someone else to do so, for example a tax consultant.

  • Go to the online application on the Federal Employment Agency website.
  • Answer the initial questions in the selection fields and follow the online form through the rest of the application process.
  • In most cases, the company number is assigned and displayed immediately.
  • In addition, the employer will receive a postal confirmation of the company number and the saved master data.

Note: If there are changes to the master data or the business closes, you must notify the Federal Employment Agency electronically without delay. As a rule, your payroll accounting software automatically triggers a corresponding notification to the Federal Employment Agency as soon as you enter the relevant changes in the master data.

Special notes

Please always use the company number of the company in which the employee concerned actually works in the social security notifications. If there are any changes to the company master data provided when submitting the application, please submit the correct information to the Federal Employment Agency electronically without delay by entering it in your payroll accounting program or using a completion aid. Incorrect use of the company number or late/failed notification of changes may constitute an administrative offense.


As a rule: As an employer, you must register employment subject to compulsory insurance within 6 weeks of starting. You will need a company number by then at the latest.

Processing time

In most cases, the company number is displayed immediately when you apply electronically.

Required documents

  • Required Documents

    You must provide the following minimum information:

    • the name used by the employing company in legal transactions, including any additions to the legal form,
    • unregistered civil law partnership: first and last names of the partners,
    • sole proprietorship not entered in the commercial register: First name and surname of the employer,
    • private household: first name and surname of the head of household,
    • the employment address, i.e. the current address of the company at which the employees actually work,
    • if necessary, a different address to be used for postal delivery,
    • additional communication channels such as telephone number, fax or e-mail address,
    • the economic focus of the employing company,
    • the accident insurance company number for the company to which the employing company belongs,
    • Contact person (name, function, telephone number) for queries regarding the notification procedure; this can also be the contact details of a contracted service provider, e.g. a tax consultancy,
    • if another employment company within the company registers the employees for social insurance: the name, address and company number of this office.

    As a rule, however, the company number service of the Federal Employment Agency does not require any written proof in order to process your application.

Online procedures

  • Betriebsnummer online beantragen

    As part of the automated registration procedure for social insurance, the company number serves as an identification feature for companies. A form service with question wizards and help is available for the application for a company number.

  • Online-Antrag auf Erteilung einer Betriebsnummer

    Betriebsnummern sind gemäß der gesetzlichen Verpflichtung elektronisch zu beantragen. Mit diesem Online-Antrag kann Ihnen rund um die Uhr und ohne Wartezeit in einer Vielzahl von Sachverhalten die Betriebsnummer direkt online automatisiert vergeben und angezeigt werden.


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