European firearms pass; application

If you want to take your weapons within the European Union (EU) or to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, you need a European Firearms Pass.


The European Firearms Pass allows holders of firearms possession cards to temporarily carry weapons and ammunition when visiting another EU member state or Schengen state. It only allows a short-term, cross-border transport of your weapons for a purpose that is covered by your weapons legal need (e.g. hunting trip, participation in shooting sports event).

The European Firearms Pass is valid for 5 years and can be renewed twice for 5 years each time.

Only weapons for which you have a valid permit to acquire and possess (weapons possession card) will be entered in your European Firearms Pass. A maximum of 10 weapons can be entered in the European Firearms Pass.

You may take the corresponding ammunition for the registered weapons, but only as much as you expect to need. As a hunter, experience shows that you will need less ammunition than as a sport shooter.

Not every weapon that is registered in the European Firearms Pass may automatically be taken abroad. The respective firearms regulations of the host state and all states that are passed through must be observed. Appropriate permits from states to be visited must be obtained in advance. Therefore, please inform yourself comprehensively about the respective firearms regulations in force in the countries before your trip.

When traveling, in addition to the European Firearms Pass, you must carry an identification document as well as the weapons ownership card in which the weapons are registered. It is also advisable to carry an invitation from the hunting club or the hunting license for the country or a confirmation of registration for a shooting competition.

The European Firearms Pass is not an import document and does not authorize you to permanently transfer firearms or ammunition abroad. For this you need other permits.


You must have a valid permit for the acquisition and possession of the weapons (e.g. weapons possession card) to be entered in the European Firearms Pass.


You must apply for the European Firearms Pass at the competent firearms authority. Submit the application together with the required documents.

The firearms authority will issue you with the European Firearms Pass if you meet the necessary requirements.

Special notes

To help you complete the application more quickly, you can use NWR Identification Numbers (NWR ID):

  • Your PersonalNWR-ID (P- or F-NWR-ID) for the information about your person
  • the permitNWR-ID for the weapons permit (E-NWR-ID)
  • the weapons or parts of weapons NWR-ID (W- or T-NWR-ID).

You can obtain the NWR IDs on application to the relevant weapons authority.



Required documents

  • Identity card or passport (copy)

  • Weapons possession card

  • current photograph (not older than 1 year, at least 45 x 35 millimeters in size, with a light background)


  • 50,00 EUR


administrative claim


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