Construction products; application for recognition as a testing, inspection and certification body

As impartial third-party bodies, testing, inspection and certification bodies help to ensure that construction products comply with the requirements and can be used safely. Recognition is required in order to operate as such.



The requirements for recognition as a testing, inspection and certification body - and, if applicable, its secondary branch - in accordance with the Bavarian Building Code (BayBO) are regulated in the Construction Products and Types of Construction Ordinance (BauPAV).

The applying body must have the technical prerequisites for carrying out the requested activities as a PÜZ body and the required qualified personnel.

Furthermore, the applying body must guarantee that it, in particular the head and the deputy, is impartial.


Please send your application and the associated documents to the responsible recognition authority, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).


The recognition authority shall decide within three months of submission of the complete application documents. It may extend this period by up to two months. The extension must be justified and the applicant must be notified before the original deadline expires.

Required documents

  • Indication of the activity to which the recognition is to relate

    Testing, surveillance and/or certification body and, if applicable, whether as a secondary establishment

  • Information on the construction product or type of construction for which recognition is sought

    e.g. serial number of the Bavarian Technical Building Regulations (BayTB) Chapter C 2, C 3 or C 4, serial number of Part 1 of the List of Testing, Inspection and Certification Bodies in accordance with the State Building Regulations (PÜZ List) for construction products with general building approval, serial number of Part 5 or 6 of the PÜZ List when applying for application objects named therein

  • Personal details and qualifications

    - Proof of a suitable university degree

    - Description of the professional career related to the requested activity as a testing, inspection or certification body.

  • information on economic and legal links of the applicant natural or legal person, manager, deputy manager and employees with individual producers and users

  • Information on the premises and technical equipment

  • Indication of the date of birth of the head and of the deputy head

  • Information on possible subcontractors

  • relevant approvals and accreditations from other countries

    e.g. work instructions, QM manual



  • Cost range: 500 to 10,000 euros




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