Fees and Expenses

The recognition process is generally a fee-based service.

The fees are based on the law on charges for the particular service and vary based on the specific costs involved in completing the process.

Because the processes represent official acts of the Free State of Bavaria (including the professional associations) in executing the Federal Law, the actual fees are controlled by the laws on fees and costs of the Free State of Bavaria or the fee schedules of the associations.

To the extent that costs are not covered by other organizations, they must be covered by the applicant. In general the costs incurred as part of the equivalence assessments can be covered by the employment centers and job centers. We recommend clarifying this in advance.

The fees may be required either upon conclusion of the procedure or as an advance payment at the start of the procedure. The possibility of advance payments is stipulated in the law on administrative costs (§ 16 VwKostG and relevant provisions on administration costs in the states). In these cases the start of the procedure can be made dependent upon receipt of a payment. This is primarily the case for applications from outside the country.

The option is generally available to claim the fees for tax purposes as business expenses/marketing costs because there is a direct business relationship with the desired returns. But this is only applicable when there is in fact future income to apply the costs to.

Die selbst getragenen Anerkennungskosten können u.U. auch als vorweggenommene Werbungskosten/Betriebsausgaben beim Finanzamt geltend gemacht werden, sodass ein Verlustfeststellungsbescheid für dieses Jahr ergeht. Dieser Verlust kann in späteren Jahren, wenn Einkünfte erzielt werden, durch den sogenannten Verlustvortrag steuermindernd geltend gemacht werden.

In Bavaria the fees are determined based on the administrative expense incurred. In addition there are the expenses that are incurred for the public authorities. Because these expenses vary with each individual case, it is not possible to make a general statement about how much you should expect to pay for the recognition procedure. Fees can range between five and 25,000 euros. In many cases the fees are under 1,000 euros.

You can keep fees low by submitting the certificates and transcripts for your academic and professional education and training. The appropriate authorities can then use the papers to examine your professional background.

Fees can be incurred for example when the handling authority has to have translations made or conduct a review.

Before undertaking the recognition procedure, please arrange a meeting or phone consultation with the appropriate authority in which you expect to incur fees and charges.

Detailed information concerning recognition grant can be found here.

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