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Professional recognition is the assessment and - if the decision is positive - confirmation of the equivalence of a foreign vocational qualification with a German reference qualification. In a formal assessment procedure, a comparison is made between a foreign and a German vocational qualification on the basis of defined formal criteria such as training content and duration. The procedure and the responsibility of the implementing bodies are regulated by law. The decision is issued as a legally binding notice. Applicants can apply for employment on the labour market with this decision. The decision can be appealed against and legal action can be taken.

If the competent authority rejects your application for recognition of the qualification, you can file an appeal against it with the competent Bavarian Administrative Court. In the case of legal action against authorities of the Free State of Bavaria, there is usually no need for preliminary proceedings (appeal proceedings).

The situation is different, for example, in the case of personal examination decisions, where you can lodge an appeal, but you can also take legal action immediately. The appeal leads to an examination of your request at the level of the authorities.

The decision of the authority contains instructions on how to appeal, from which you can find out the details.

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