Apply for registration in the EMAS Register

You can have your organisation registered in the EMAS register at the conclusion of EMAS certification.



  • Performance of an environmental review by the organisation
  • Establishment of an environmental management system
  • Publication of an environmental report
  • Review of management system and environmental report by an accredited verifier


Entry to the EMAS Register is the final step towards the introduction of EMAS in your organisation:

  • First, your organisation must carry out an environmental review. This is used to determine the impact your organisation has on the environment. Your organisation must submit an environmental report as a result of the environmental review.
  • Independent environmental verifiers approved by the relevant German accreditation and licensing body, Deutsche Akkreditierungs- und Zulassungsgesellschaft für Umweltgutachter mbH (DAU), examine the environmental report as well as implementation of the EMAS requirements within the organisation.
  • Following validation, you must apply to the chamber responsible for your organisation (Chamber of Commerce and Industry /Chamber of Skilled Crafts) for registration in the EMAS Register.
  • The chamber reviews your documents. It notifies the lower environmental protection authority of the planned registration. The authority then has four weeks in which to comment on the registration.
  • If there is no negative feedback from the lower environmental protection authority, the chamber assigns a registration number to your organisation.
  • Following registration, you are entitled to use the EMAS logo for the duration of the registration. The registration will remain valid for three years or, in the case of small organisations, for four years.
  • To maintain this status, you must submit an updated environmental report to the registration body each year.


Entry to the EMAS Register is valid for three years; for small organisations, it is valid for up to four years.

Processing time

Review by the chamber of the initial registration including the intended polling of the relevant authorities, takes six to eight weeks on average.

Required documents

  • Required document/s

    - The environmental statement validated by an accredited environmental verifier


  • Based on:

    • the cost rates of the environmental verifier and
    • the fee rates of the competent chambers responsible for registration in the EMAS Register



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