OID register for health care; requesting an object identifier

If you are a healthcare organization, software vendor, or IT service provider and want to exchange data between your software and other healthcare software systems, you can tag these objects with unique identification numbers.


For standardized software communication in the German healthcare system, you as a healthcare organization, company that produces software or IT service provider can mark your objects for exchange. For this purpose, unique object identification numbers (OID) are assigned.

An OID is a fixed number for identifying objects. These are, for example:

  • Organizations,
  • templates,
  • identifiers,
  • coding schemes,
  • value lists or value sets.

An OID is used to uniquely identify information objects for exchange between computer systems. These numbers are assigned because computers can handle numbers better than non-standardized text.




As the person submitting the application, you apply online for the assignment of an object identification number (OID) or submit a change request for an existing OID:

  • Register for the application. You will receive a registration confirmation.
  • Log in with your identifier and password
  • Then select the application type:
    • Initial application: if you want to apply for a new object identifier, select "Initial application form".
    • Change request: If you want to change existing data, select "Change request form".
  • You enter the required data.
  • You submit your request. The system checks that all the required information is present and correctly filled in. Save the submitted data as a PDF for documentation purposes.
  • You will receive a transmission confirmation.
  • After processing, an OID is assigned by email to the contact person or the person submitting the application.
    If necessary, queries are sent to your mailbox in the application. You will receive a notification that there is a message in your mailbox.


There is no deadline.

Processing time

The processing time for the assignment of an OID takes a maximum of 1 week.

Required documents

  • Required Documents


Online procedures


  • There are no costs involved.

Legal bases

  • Erlass des Bundesministeriums für Gesundheit vom 21.12.2005 (AZ Z25-133000/05)


No appeal is provided.


Responsible for editing:Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

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