European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund; application for funding

The Free State of Bavaria supports investments in commercial pond farming and fishing from its own funds and the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund (EMFAF 2023-2027).



The promotion of a project requires that the economic viability of the project appears to be assured. Suitable documents must be submitted for the assessment, which also show that the sales volumes are achievable in the long term. The following cases are excluded from this:

  • Investments relating to animal health and welfare, including the purchase of equipment to protect breeding facilities against wild predators,
  • investments that improve safety, hygiene, health and working conditions,
  • Investments in the stability of pond dams during floods,
  • projects to improve water supply and water treatment, including aeration to safeguard production.


Applications for funding under the EMFAF can only be submitted electronically via iBALIS-Online. This requires a 10-digit farm number (available from the responsible Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry - AELF) and the access data for iBALIS. If not already available, the latter can be obtained from the Landeskuratorium der Erzeugerringe für tierische Veredelung in Bayern e.V. (LKV), stating the farm number.

Required documents

  • The following documents, if applicable, must be submitted with the grant application:

    • Proof of the size of the farm according to No. 2.3 of the application (proof of area or proof of sale, income statement, surplus statement, documents from the fishery producers' ring).
    • Detailed list of planned investments with offers or well-founded cost estimate (e.g. according to DIN 276)
    • Offers / cost estimate / market survey, if applicable (for form, see "Forms")
    • Confirmation of equity capital / credit balance from the bank, if more than 50,000 EUR equity capital is planned
    • Declaration of willingness to grant credit (if financing by loan)
    • In the case of companies/associations/associations: Articles of association, excerpt from the commercial register, statutes
    • For projects over EUR 250,000: Economic appraisal by an independent, qualified body
    • For all pond construction measures:

      • Digitised proof of area
      • Statement from the lower nature conservation authority if the pond area is located in a nature conservation area or FFH area or if there are legally protected biotopes on the affected properties.
      • Opinion of the expert advice for fishery, if total costs exceed 20,000 €.
      • For new pond construction: water law permit
    • If necessary, statement from specialist authorities (for form, see "Forms")

    • For structural investments, including new pond construction

      • Site plan (scale at least 1:5000) for the project
      • Construction documents (construction plan, building permit, water law approval; if applicable, area and room calculation according to DIN 277 and cost calculation according to DIN 276)
      • For building projects without a permit: Notification to the district administrative authority as well as clear sketch with description of use.
    • For vehicles: proof of the production volume of the last 3 years (area, produced quantity)

    • For recirculation systems: statement by the Institute for Fisheries, Starnberg

    • In the case of a newly established aquaculture enterprise:

      • Proof of appropriate professional qualification
      • Business plan according to No. 3.1 in the "Leaflet on the EMFF - funding application 2014-2020" (for sample see "Forms")
    • in the case of investments in marketing:

      • Project description with presentation of the planned turnover from own and third-party products.
      • Evidence of previous turnover from own and, if applicable, third-party products (bookkeeping or other suitable documents; if applicable, evidence from tax advisor).
    • Plan for diversification

      • Business plan for the new activity
      • Proof of professional qualification for the new activity (only for inland fisheries)
      • Proof that the project is not supported by other programmes (diversification support for agriculture; business support).

Online procedures

  • iBalis - Serviceportal für die bayerische Landwirtschaft

    The integrated Bavarian Agricultural Information System (iBALIS) is a service portal of the Bavarian agricultural administration that offers comprehensive electronic support for agricultural businesses. It can be used to effectively manage farmed land, submit multiple applications with GIS support and retrieve land-related information at any time.


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