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Business start-up preparations-Planning the establishment of the company

To avoid risks, you should plan your business start-up well. Seek advice and inform yourself in good time about the necessary steps.


Here you will find information about formalities related to this subject:

  • Equity capital; information on granting
    Investment companies or private investors offer equity capital without the usual bank collateral, i.e. equity capital in the form of contributions as share or nominal capital, but also as a silent partnership.
  • Point of Single Contact

    Service providers from Germany, the EU and equivalent states (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) may complete procedures and formalities within the scope of the Services Directive (Directive 2006/123/EC of the european parliament and of the council on services in the internal market), which are necessary for the start up and exercise of the service, via the Points of Single Contact. This means the Point of Single Contact informs about the required formalities and acts as an intermediary in the procedure, at the service provider's request.

  • Business start-up; consulting and promotion
    You can obtain information on the "Gründerland Bayern" portal and, for example, from the district administrative authorities on the consulting and funding opportunities for start-ups.
  • Handicraft law; information on administrative offences
    The law on skilled crafts is regulated in the Crafts Code. Among other things, it contains provisions on professional licensing, professional practice, vocational training in the skilled crafts and the tasks of the skilled crafts organizations. The responsibilities for administrative offenses are regulated separately.
  • Pre-establishment coaching; application for a grant

    Founders can apply for a grant for coaching measures prior to setting up or taking over a business.

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Formalities by subjects

Information for service providers and concerning the recognition of foreign professional qualifications.