Doctors and psychotherapists in rural areas; applying for the rural doctor premium

The Free State of Bavaria grants a bonus for the establishment of doctors' practices, the founding of medical care centers (MVZ) and the formation of branches in regions with poorer medical care.



  • The establishment must take place in the Landarztprämiengebiet.
  • The Landarztprämiengebiet is any planning area of the demand plan of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria (planning area) for which the State Committee of Physicians and Health Insurance Funds in Bavaria has not ordered any admission restrictions pursuant to Section 103 (1) SGB V, unless exceptions are possible pursuant to Section 100 (3) SGB V, Section 101 (1) sentence 8 and (4) sentences 5 and 6 SGB V or Section 103 (2) sentence 4 SGB V despite the admission restrictions. An exception also exists if the admission restrictions ordered for the planning area would have to be lifted at the next regular meeting of the state committee in accordance with Section 103 (3a) and (4) SGB V without the intended practice succession, or if an immediate serious local care deficit would arise and adequate co-care of the local population by other doctors participating in the SHI-accredited medical care would not be possible or reasonable.

In addition, the rural doctor premium directive requires that

  • doctors from the group of child and adolescent psychiatrists must be located in a Bavarian municipality with a population of no more than 40,000 or
  • Doctors from the other groups of doctors establish themselves, form a branch or set up an MVZ in a Bavarian municipality with no more than 20,000 inhabitants,
  • the commencement of medical practice (cut-off date) has taken place and the application for the rural doctor premium has been submitted within six months of the cut-off date at the latest,
  • the recipient of the rural doctors' premium undertakes to maintain the medical activity for which the premium applied for is granted for at least 60 months from the reference date at the practice location and to actually carry out the medical activity during this period to the extent applied for at the practice location in the rural doctors' premium area specified in the application (commitment period).


Applications must be submitted electronically via the Bavarian form server (IT-DLZ) using the application form provided there.

Since 01.04.2023, registration/application via the Bayern-ID or the online ID function of the ID card is required.

Instructions and information on the individual registration procedures (BayernID or online ID function) can be found under "Further links".

Special notes

The establishment, branch formation or foundation of the MVZ must be in accordance with the medical demand planning and the licensing decision must have been made.


The application must be submitted within six months of taking up medical practice and the application must be received by the State Office for Health and Food Safety within this period. Please note that the initial registration/login via the Bayern-ID or the online ID function of the ID card may take a few days.

Processing time

The processing time is usually approx. 4 - 6 weeks.

Required documents

  • an extract from the register of physicians of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVB), date of printing after the beginning of medical practice

  • the decision under licensing law on the applicant's activity as a panel doctor or the establishment of an MVZ or the approval of the KVB to establish a branch office

  • If necessary, further individual documents

Online procedures


  • none


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action


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