Electrofishing; application for a permit

Fishing with the use of electric current (electrofishing) is allowed only with the permission of the district administrative authority.



The authorization certificate to engage in electrofishing shall be issued only if the applicant

  • proves that the electrofisher has a valid operator's license,
  • presents a valid registration certificate for the electrofishing equipment
  • and proves the conclusion of a liability insurance, the minimum sum of which is 1 million euros for personal injury, 300,000 euros for property damage and 10,000 euros for financial loss.
The operator's license for the personal practice of electrofishing is issued by the Bavarian State Institute for Fisheries after participation in a corresponding course and passing a final examination.


The application for electrofishing can be submitted either to the county administrative authorities or to the district fisheries advisory service.

If the application is submitted to the district administrative authority, it forwards the application to the district fisheries advisory service for a statement. Subsequently, the district as an expert according to Art. 62 of the Bavarian Fisheries Act (BayFiG) examines the application and prepares a fisheries expert opinion, in which usually also a list of conditions for the implementation of electrofishing is specified.

The district administrative authority then issues a decision based on this expert opinion. If the application is submitted directly to the district fisheries department, the application is forwarded to the district administrative authority along with the opinion.

Records (e.g. catch reports) must be submitted to the district administrative authority or the district fisheries advisory service upon request.




  • none


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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