Animal pathogens; application for a laboratory permit

You need this permit if you want to work with animal pathogens, in particular if you want to carry out tests, microbiological or serological examinations to determine transmissible animal diseases or breeding, or if you want to acquire or supply animal pathogens.


Working with animal pathogens capable of reproduction can pose a not inconsiderable risk to the livestock population of a region. Therefore, knowledge and regular control of the institutions handling this material is essential. Before a permit is issued by the competent government, it is checked whether the requirements for a permit are met. Appropriate annexes and ancillary provisions in the permit notice ensure that the legal requirements are implemented and that there is no danger from an epidemiological point of view.

The prerequisites mentioned below must be proven by appropriate documentation. The competent authority must be notified immediately of any change in the person responsible for managing the activity and of any significant change in the premises or facilities. The competent authority is the government.


  1. Proof of expert knowledge is required for the performance/management of the activity. Proof of expertise is deemed to be in accordance with § 4 Para. 2 Tierseuchenerreger-Verordnung:
    • Licence to practise as a veterinary surgeon, doctor or pharmacist or a university degree in biology or food chemistry and
    • at least three years of activity with animal pathogens within the meaning of § 2 Para. 1 No. 1
  2. Proof of the personal reliability of the applicant and of the head of the activity, if the applicant is not the head of the activity.
  3. Proof of suitable premises or facilities
  4. Concerns of animal disease control must not be opposed to this

The regulations on activities involving pathogens in the Infection Protection Act and the requirements of the Biological Agents Ordinance must also be taken into account.


There are no deadlines to meet.


  • The permit notice is subject to a fee in accordance with Art. 6 Para. 1 Sentence 3 of the Cost Law (depending on the case, approx. 150 € to 250 €).


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim

Status: 08.11.2021

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