Continuing education in nursing; application for recognition of continuing education institutions.

In order to carry out the further training regulated in the AVPfleWoqG (facility management, nursing service management, practical guidance and gerontological psychiatric nursing and care), further training facilities require state recognition.


Further education institutions must apply for state recognition to the Association of Nurses in Bavaria (VdPB).

Subsequent significant changes to the relevant requirements for recognition must be reported immediately. Otherwise, the recognition can be withdrawn.

The state-recognized further education institutions are obligated to report to the competent authority on request about the facts relevant to the decision, to submit required evidence and to cooperate in inspections.

If the VdPB has not decided on an application for state recognition within a period of four months after receipt of the application, including the complete documentation, recognition is deemed to have been granted.

The competent authority for further training in accordance with the AVPfleWoqG is the VdPB, regardless of where in Bavaria the further training institution is based.


State recognition is granted on application (§ 56 Para. 2 AVPfleWoqG) if

  1. the management of the respective continuing education program has the appropriate professional and pedagogical qualifications,
  2. teaching staff with appropriate professional and pedagogical qualifications are employed,
  3. a concept for the implementation of all modules is submitted, and
  4. the further training is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the AVPfleWoqG.


Recognition is applied for online using an application form. This can be downloaded from the VdPB homepage (see online procedure).



Required documents

  • Proof of the qualification of the leader of the continuing education (copy)

  • If applicable, proof of state recognition from other federal states and/or certification in accordance with the Ordinance on Recognition and Approval for Continuing Education and Training (AZWV).

Online procedures


  • There is a charge of 400 to 1,000 EUR per continuing education course (depending on the amount of testing).

Legal bases


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