Rafting tour; application for a navigation permit and notification

Rafting tours with boats longer than 9.20 m always require a permit.


Commercial boat rental for the exercise of public use by third parties (boats with a length of up to 9.20 m) regularly requires a navigation permit if the providers or organisers (including entrepreneurs acting on a supra-local basis) will essentially always have a targeted effect on a specific water body or one or more specific water body sections. Only if there is a complete lack of reference to a body of water can such a reference be dispensable. It must then be up to the lessee to collect the vehicle from the lessor and return it to him. In addition, it must be up to the renter which body of water he uses.

Rafting tours with boats longer than 9.20 m must always be approved by the local district administration authority (lower water authority) according to navigation law.

The district administrative authority examines the application in particular with regard to nature conservation, water management, navigation, fishing and safety aspects. The district administrative authority may involve the specialist agencies concerned in this process.

The district administrative authority may issue legal ordinances, general orders or orders in individual cases for the exercise of public use. In particular, the district administrative authority may issue regulations to prevent danger to life, health, property, property-like rights or property, to maintain the safety and ease of traffic, to protect nature, in particular flora and fauna, or the water body and its banks, to regulate recreational traffic or to ensure the use of a water body on the basis of permits, authorisations, old rights and old powers or the owner's and riparian use.


Rafting with boats of a length of up to 9.20 m by participants may not exceed the limits of public use under water law. The prerequisite for this is in particular that rafting is possible without unlawful use of other people's land and does not lead to any significant impairment of the water, the banks and the flora and fauna.

A permit for rafting with boats over 9.20 m in length may be refused or granted with incidental provisions if the public welfare, the safety and ease of traffic, public tranquillity, the protection of property or fisheries or the keeping clean or maintenance of the water body so requires.

In all other respects, reference is made to the obligation to notify or obtain approval for sporting events, advertising events and other events on the water in accordance with §§ 51, 52 Schifffahrtsordnung (SchO) at the locally responsible district administrative authority.


Sporting events involving small vehicles without their own motive power must be notified to the district administrative authority at least two weeks in advance.

Required documents

  • Indication of type, place (e.g. also entry and exit point) and time of the event and expected number of participants
  • Description of the boats


  • Costs of between €50 and €250 may be incurred for the granting of a navigation permit.

Status: 08.12.2021

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz

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