Insurance intermediary; application for a permit

If you want to work as a self-employed insurance intermediary (insurance broker or insurance agent), you need a permit from the relevant Chamber of Industry and Commerce.



  • Personal reliability, i.e. you have not been convicted of a criminal offense in the last five years.
  • Orderly financial circumstances, i.e. you are not in private insolvency or registered in the debtors' register.
  • Professional liability insurance with a minimum coverage of 1,130,000.00 Euro for each insured event and 1,700,000.00 Euro for all insured events in one year in total
  • Expertise


In order to obtain a permit as an insurance advisor, you must submit a corresponding application together with the necessary documents to your competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).

  • If applicable, it is also possible to submit an online application.
  • At the same time as you submit your application, you can also apply for entry in the register of intermediaries
  • The IHK will check whether you meet the requirements on the basis of the information and documents you have submitted.
  • After examination you receive the permission by post

You must apply for entry in the Register of Intermediaries at the latest before commencing your activity.

Special notes

If you have employees who assist in insurance brokerage, they do not need their own permit. However, you must register them in the intermediary register and ensure that they have the necessary expertise and personal reliability.


The permit is valid for an unlimited period.

Processing time

Processing takes a few weeks after all documents are complete.

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • Police certificate of good conduct and information from the central commercial register for submission to an authority (for legal entities and their legal representatives)
    • Information from the debtors' register of the central enforcement court (enforcement portal)
    • Information on entries in the insolvency register as well as a declaration by the competent local court as to whether insolvency proceedings have been opened
    • Proof of expertise, either by means of an IHK examination or a relevant professional qualification
    • Proof of the existence of professional liability insurance (certificate from an insurance company licensed in Germany for submission to the IHK) in the original and not older than three months.
    • Further documents may be required

    In the case of (commercial) partnerships, each managing partner must submit an application and documents.


  • Fees are incurred. These result from the fee schedule of the locally responsible IHK.

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