Betting agency; application for a permit for operation

If you want to operate a betting agency, you need a permit under gambling law. It must be applied for by the sports betting operator.


A permit under gambling law is required for the operation of a betting agency.

Permission to operate a betting agency cannot be granted if

  • sports betting is brokered on or in the immediate vicinity of sports facilities or other facilities that are regularly used for sports events,
  • in a building or complex of buildings in which a casino or gambling hall is located,
  • in or in a functional unit with a catering or accommodation establishment in which money or goods gaming machines are installed or other games with the possibility of winning are organized or brokered, or
  • without a minimum distance of 250 m as the crow flies measured from entrance door to entrance door to existing schools for children and adolescents, child and youth welfare facilities aimed at children aged at least six years, as well as addiction counseling and addiction treatment centers.


  • A prerequisite for the granting of the license is the reliability of the operator of the betting brokerage, which is verified at least on the basis of a certificate of good conduct, an extract from the commercial register, a clearance certificate from the competent tax office and the printout of a debtor directory query made via the joint enforcement portal of the federal states.
  • The granting is also subject to the condition that the establishment and operation of the betting agency does not run counter to the objectives of the State Treaty on Gambling 2021 (e.g. preventing the development of gambling addiction, ensuring the protection of minors and players, ensuring the proper conduct of gambling, etc.).
  • In addition, compliance with the requirements for the protection of minors, Internet restrictions, advertising restrictions, the requirements for the social concept, the requirements for information on the risks of addiction and the performance of a comparison with the barring file and the exclusion of barred players must be ensured.
  • A social concept must be submitted.
  • Compliance with the legally required distances from sports facilities, casinos, gaming halls, restaurants with gambling machines and schools, child and youth welfare facilities, and addiction counseling and treatment centers must be ensured.


The application for permission to operate a betting agency must be submitted by the sports betting operator to the government in whose district the betting agency is to be located.

The notice of permission is issued to the betting agency operator.

Special notes

If you operate a betting agency without a permit under gambling law, you may be liable to prosecution for unauthorized organization of a game of chance.



Processing time

about 8-12 weeks

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • Extract from the Central Commercial Register
    • Certificate of good conduct
    • Certificate of no objection from the responsible tax office
    • Extract from the joint enforcement portal of the federal states
    • in case of a legal entity: extract from the commercial register and description of the company structure
    • Copy of the concession/permit of the sports betting operator and the betting brokerage contract
    • Terms and conditions for betting in betting brokerage shops
    • Presentation of the distribution channel
    • Social and advertising concept
    • Description of how the exclusion of banned players is carried out


  • The fee range for a permit to operate a betting agency is between EUR 20.00 and EUR 5,000.00 (Tariff No. 2.IV.1/2.1).


Administrative court action


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