Gambling; implementation of supervision

The supervisory authorities shall monitor the fulfillment of the public-law obligations associated with the Interstate Treaty on Gaming 2021 and shall work to ensure that the organization or brokering of unauthorized gambling and the advertising thereof cease.


The objectives of the State Gambling Treaty 2021 include the following:

  • Preventing and combating gambling addiction,
  • Preventing the emergence of a gambling black market,
  • Steering of the gambling instinct into orderly and supervised channels,
  • protection of minors and players,
  • fraud prevention,
  • in addition, protection of the integrity of sports competition when organizing and brokering sports betting.

In order to better achieve these goals, the State Treaty prohibits the organization and brokerage of public gambling without a permit.

Advertising for permitted gambling is permitted subject to compliance with the requirements of Section 5 GlüStV 2021, but the nature and extent of advertising for public gambling must not run counter to the objectives of the Interstate Treaty on Gambling and the advertising must not be excessive. Advertising for unauthorized gambling is prohibited.

The gambling supervisory authorities have the task of monitoring the fulfillment of the public law obligations associated with the State Treaty on Gambling 2021 and of working to ensure that the organization or brokering of unauthorized gambling and advertising for it do not occur. To this end, they may issue the necessary orders in individual cases within their area of responsibility.

Competent authorities

The responsible gambling supervisory authorities in Bavaria are the municipalities, the district offices, the governments and the State Ministry of the Interior, for Sports and Integration as security authorities.

The Joint Gambling Authority of the Federal States (GGL) is responsible for gambling supervision due to unauthorized public gambling and advertising for it, which is offered on the Internet in more than one country.

Joint Gambling Authority of the Federal States
Hansering 15
06108 Halle (Saale)
Website: https: //


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