Pharmaceuticals; retail trade monitoring

The supervision of the retail sale of medicinal products outside pharmacies or in itinerant trade is the task of the district administrative authorities.


Drugstores, drugstores, health food stores, medical specialty stores, department stores, grocery stores, health food stores, sex stores, and fitness and bodybuilding centers are particularly eligible for monitoring.

During the on-site inspection of the commercial enterprise, the hygienic condition of the premises and business premises, facilities and their surroundings, means of transport and storage facilities are checked in particular.

Care is taken to ensure that the range of medicines contains only preparations that are available over-the-counter in accordance with the Medicines Act or the Ordinance on Medicines Sold by Pharmacies and Over-the-Counter Medicines.

The sale of over-the-counter medicinal products requires the expertise of the entrepreneur or a person entrusted by him with the management of the company or with the sale. The expertise must be proven by an examination before the responsible chamber of industry and commerce. Other specific examinations and certificates (e.g. pharmaceutical commercial employee, pharmaceutical technical assistant) are also recognized as proof of expertise. It is determined whether a competent person is available.

Furthermore, the medicinal products are checked for proper storage and for quality defects (sensory detectable defects, labeling defects, expiration date).

When medicinal products are distributed in the travel trade, it is checked that only finished medicinal products approved for the travel trade are distributed. In addition, it is checked whether the medicinal products are stored properly and are protected from light, temperature, weather and contamination during transport and distribution.


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