Soil protection and treatment of contaminated sites; application for approval as an investigative body

Investigation bodies that perform tasks according to the Federal Soil Protection Act must be recognized by the competent authority.


For the collection of solid matter, water and soil air samples and their laboratory analytical investigation, tested and approved investigation bodies are available in Bavaria. The approval of these investigation bodies takes place in accordance with the Ordinance on Experts and Investigation Bodies (VSU). It regulates the requirements according to Article 6 Paragraph 1 of the Bavarian Soil Protection Act (BayBodSchG) for the expertise, reliability and technical equipment of the experts and investigation bodies that perform tasks according to the Federal Soil Protection Act or the BayBodSchG, as well as the type and scope of their tasks. The licensing procedure is carried out by the licensing office of the Bavarian State Office for the Environment.

In the area regulated by law, soil and contaminated site investigations in Bavaria must be carried out by investigation bodies approved in accordance with § 18 BBodSchG.

Investigation bodies that are approved in Bavaria according to the Ordinance on Experts and Investigation Bodies (VSU) can be found in the nationwide database ReSyMeSa. Responsible for the information there about the investigation bodies accredited by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment is the accreditation body there.


Only bodies that fulfill the obligations according to §§ 11 and 12 of the Ordinance on Experts and Investigation Bodies (VSU), have the required expertise and reliability and have the necessary personnel and equipment (investigation bodies) are approved.

Investigating bodies must have sufficient liability insurance with a minimum sum insured of 1.5 million euros lump sum for personal injury, property damage and financial loss for each individual case with at least double maximization in the insurance year.


The application, including the supporting documents and required documentation, must be submitted to the Admissions Office.

The registration office checks the completeness of the application documents and confirms receipt of the application in writing or by e-mail. It shall request the submission of any missing documents within a reasonable period of time. If documents are still missing after the deadline has been set, or if it is clear from the content of the documents that the admission requirements are not met, the application will be rejected.


The processing period is up to six months and begins with the submission of complete application documents. In justified cases, the deadline may be extended in accordance with Section 42a (2) of the Bavarian Administrative Procedure Act.

Required documents


  • Form, Bavaria-wide: Antrag auf Zulassung als Untersuchungsstelle nach § 18 Bundes-Bodenschutzgesetz (BBodSchG)
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