Animal protection law; application for a certificate of competence or a certificate of competence

Competence examinations, certificates of competence and proofs of competence ensure that the requirements of animal protection law are complied with in animal husbandry, slaughtering and animal transports.


Examination of the expertise of responsible persons for activities or animal husbandry requiring a permit in accordance with § 11 Animal Protection Law

In the context of the granting of a permit for animal husbandry and activities with animals requiring a permit according to § 11 Animal Protection Act, the applicant must name a responsible person. The expertise of the responsible person is proven, if there is no corresponding professional training qualification or proof of previous professional or other handling of animals, by a technical discussion at the district administrative authority. The content of the expert interview depends on the intended activity, the type of animal husbandry, the animal species, etc.

Certificate of competence in animal transport

A certificate of competence for drivers and attendants of an animal transport is required for the transport of farm animals and horses, if the transport is carried out in connection with an economic activity. If there is no corresponding professional qualification obtained after 05.01.2007, the certificate of competence can be issued by the district administrative authority after training and passing the examination (§ 4 Animal Protection Transport Ordinance). The certificate of competence is valid throughout the European Union.

Certificate of competence slaughtering

A certificate of competence is required for the slaughtering of animals by companies; this applies to all activities in connection with slaughtering. The responsible ministry authorizes competent institutions to conduct appropriate training and examinations. After passing the examination, the district administration authority issues the certificate of competence. Certificates of competence according to Regulation (EC) No. 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter are valid throughout the European Union.

Certificate of competence for piglet stunning

For stunning male pigs (piglets) less than eight days old for the purpose of castration, other competent persons who are not veterinarians require a certificate of competence. The certificate of competence is issued by the competent authority upon application, provided that the necessary requirements are met (including successful participation in a course of instruction and examination).


  • Issue of a certificate of competence according to Art. 17 Para. 2 Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005 also in connection with § 4 Para. 1 or 2 Animal Welfare Transport Regulation: 10 to 500 EUR Issue of a certificate of competence according to § 4 Para. 2 Animal Welfare Transport Regulation: 25 to 500 EUR.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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