Digital radio BOS; application for a service provider card / workshop card

Private companies with their registered office in the Free State of Bavaria can apply for service provider cards / workshop cards at the Authorized Body Bavaria (AS BY).


Within the scope of orders from recognized authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS), service providers and workshops have the option of testing or restoring the functionality of installations for digital radio BOS. For this purpose, so-called service provider or workshop cards are held in the BOS digital radio.

The cards are applied for by the service provider at AS BY after prior approval by the Tactical Technical Operations Center/Integrated Control Center (TTB/ILS) commissioning the service provider. The cards are in stock at AS BY and will be sent to the applicant after application review. The loan period is up to one year with the possibility of extension.


The applicant must have a contractual relationship with a BOS and be based in the Free State of Bavaria.


The service provider must be authorized by the commissioning BOS and submit an informal application to the AS BY control center (e-mail:

The service provider must agree to the declaration of commitment for handling service provider cards for participation in digital radio BOS in Bavaria. The declaration of commitment will be sent to the applicant after receipt of the application.

Special notes

The applicant may use the service provider cards/workshop cards exclusively for functional testing or troubleshooting. Any use within the scope of development activities is prohibited and will result in the cards being revoked.


The loan period is up to one year with the possibility of extension.

Processing time

The average processing time is one month.

Required documents

  • Informal confirmation of a BOS about an existing contractual relationship

    Please specify the duration of the contractual relationship.

  • Declaration of commitment to the handling of service provider cards

    Will be sent to the applicant after informal application by AS BY.


Please select a location in "Localization" so that the address of the responsible authority can be filled in.

  • Prefillable Form, Bavaria-wide: Formloser Antrag (mit Unterschrift)
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.


  • none


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