Bar Association; application for admission as a European lawyer

The permanent establishment of a European lawyer to practice the profession in Germany requires admission to a German bar association.



The prerequisite for admission to a German bar association is the submission of a certificate of membership of the legal profession issued by the competent authority in the country of origin.

Established European lawyers must comply with the German professional obligations and use the professional title that they are entitled to use in their home country under local law. Anyone who is entitled to use the professional title "Rechtsanwalt" (e.g. in Austria) must also state the professional organization to which they belong in their home country (e.g. Vienna Bar Association).

At the same time, established European lawyers may use the designation "member of the bar association" in their professional dealings, but not the designation "European lawyer".



Processing time

The competent bar association will decide on your application once the complete application documents have been submitted.

Required documents

  • Application for admission as a European lawyer in German

  • Curriculum vitae with photograph in German

  • Certificate of membership of the legal profession issued by the competent authority in the home Member State

  • if applicable, proof of previous admission to the German bar, as a legal counsel or as another member of a German bar association

  • certified translation of all foreign language documents into the German language

  • Proof of the conclusion of a professional liability insurance policy covering damages arising from the provision of advice under German law in Germany

    As a rule, only the standardised confirmations of the German insurers are recognised.


  • The fee for admission to the bar association is between 150 and 500 euros. In addition, there is an annual fee set by the respective bar association (around 200 to 340 euros per year). The fees and contributions can be paid by bank transfer (also via online banking).


Disputes in connection with the admission of European lawyers are decided by the Lawyers' Court (§ 35 EuRAG in conjunction with §§ 112a ff. BRAO)


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