Experts; public appointment and swearing-in by the Chamber of Crafts

Upon request, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts appoints and swears in experts to provide expert opinions on the services and activities of the skilled crafts sector and their value.



There must be a general need for expert services. The legal basis is § 91 Para. 1 No. 8 of the Crafts Regulation Act (HWO) in conjunction with § 2 of the Expert Regulations of the respective HWK. § 2 of the expert regulations of the respective HWK

In principle, only those persons may be publicly appointed and sworn in as experts of the Chamber of Skilled Crafts who

  • fulfills the requirements according to § 2 of the expert regulations (SVO) of the respective chamber.

In particular, this means that the applicant must

a) is entered in the Chamber of Skilled Crafts register as the owner or partner of a partnership or managing director or board member of a legal entity and fulfills the registration requirements or is listed as the manager of the business or

b) is registered as the owner, partner of a partnership or managing director or board member of a legal entity in its register of trades not requiring a license or trades similar to trades. The same applies to partners of legal entities registered there who are active in this company as craftsmen;

  • have sufficient life and professional experience
  • is personally suitable, in particular reliable and physically and mentally capable (in accordance with the requirements of the field applied for)
  • demonstrates special expertise (specialist knowledge and skills that are significantly above average), the necessary practical experience and the ability to provide expert opinions; Section 36 a of the Trade Regulation Act (GewO) applies accordingly; is personally and professionally suitable for the expert activity
  • has the necessary facilities to carry out the work of an expert witness
  • lives in orderly financial circumstances;
  • offers a guarantee of impartiality and independence in the provision of expert opinions and compliance with the obligations of a publicly appointed and sworn expert;
  • is available at all times and without restriction for expert activities in accordance with the statutory provisions

The requirements of the expert regulations of the respective chambers of crafts and trades must always be observed.


Send a short letter of application to the relevant Chamber of Skilled Crafts, which will then send a letter asking you to submit all the necessary documents.

Special notes

The appointment itself is usually preceded by a separate examination of specialist knowledge.


There are no application deadlines.

Required documents

  • Handwritten curriculum vitae

  • 2 photographs (35 x 45 mm)

  • Completed questionnaire of the Chamber of Crafts

  • Testimonials, employer's references

    Insofar as they are relevant to your activity as an expert

  • Master craftsman's certificate or diploma

  • Certificate of attendance of the basic seminar

  • Date of entry in the register of craftsmen

  • Employees: Certificate from your employer confirming that you are free to work as an expert at any time.

  • Certificate of good conduct


Please select a location in "Localization" so that the address of the responsible authority can be filled in.

  • Prefillable Form, Bavaria-wide: Formloser Antrag (mit Unterschrift)
    Please note

    This form has to be signed and sent to the responsible authority. You can sign the form manually and send it by email/fax or sign the form electronically with your qualified electronic signature an send it by (secure) email. If the responsible authority has set up a De-Mail account, you can also send the form by De-Mail using an sender-confirmed message.


  • The fee for the public appointment / swearing-in is between 50 euros and 200 euros. Electronic payment via online banking is possible. Information on this is provided by the relevant Chamber of Skilled Crafts.


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative recourse is available against the decision of the Chamber in accordance with Section 40 VwGO.

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