Rescue service; registration for the examination to prove professional suitability to run a company

Entrepreneurs who want to transport persons by ambulance in the field of emergency rescue/physician-assisted patient transport/ ambulance transport/patient retrieval on a commercial basis must, among other things, be professionally qualified as a prerequisite for obtaining the license.


Anyone who operates emergency rescue, physician-assisted patient transport, patient transport or patient retrieval as an entrepreneur requires a permit. The difference to transportation subject to the Passenger Transportation Act is that here medical care or the special facilities of the ambulance are required during the journey. The paid or business transportation/transportation of persons by motor vehicles in the field of

  • emergency rescue,
  • patient transport accompanied by a doctor,
  • ambulance transport,
  • patient retrieval

is therefore subject to the Bavarian Rescue Services Act.

The district administrative authorities in whose areas the integrated control center of a special-purpose association for rescue services and fire department alerting is located are responsible for issuing the permits as the lower rescue service authority for the respective rescue service area (Art. 49 Para. 1 No. 3 BayRDG). The permit is issued to the operator for a maximum period of six years.

The requirements for the granting of the license are safety and efficiency of the operation, personal reliability and professional suitability. The IHKs check the professional suitability with the specialist examination for emergency rescue/physician-assisted patient transport/ patient transport/patient retrieval.


  • Degree as a paramedic, emergency medical technician or emergency medical technician


Registration for the examination with the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce is mandatory. The responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce offers two to four examination dates per year.

The examination is an overall examination consisting of a written and an oral part. The written examination lasts two hours and consists of open questions and multiple-choice questions. The oral part of the examination should not exceed half an hour per candidate.

The language of the examination is German.

The examination is passed if the candidate has achieved at least 60% of the possible total number of points, whereby the proportion of points achieved in each part of the examination may not be less than 50% of the possible number of points in each case.

The examination may be repeated.

After passing the examination, the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce issues the candidate with a certificate stating that he/she has passed the examination.

Special notes

You must present the original paramedic, emergency medical technician, and emergency medical technician certificates before the exam begins.


Registration deadline for the exam (14 days before the exam date)

Processing time

After successfully passing the exam, a maximum of one week until the certificate of proficiency is sent out.

Required documents

  • Copy of the certificate/certificate as paramedic, emergency medical technician or emergency paramedic


  • The examination fee is based on the respective valid fee tariff of the responsible IHK. An examination fee of 165.00 EUR will be charged.


An action may be brought against the fee notice within one month of its notification.

An appeal may be lodged or an action brought directly against the notice of examination results within one month of its notification.


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