Persons responsible for event technology; application for a certificate of competence

Persons who wish to work as event technology managers can apply for the issuance of a certificate of competency.


The Ordinance on Places of Assembly (Versammlungsstättenverordnung, VStättV) specifies the tasks and duties of "persons responsible for event technology" and defines the group of persons who can assume this task. If a certificate of competence is required for this, it can be issued by the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce on application.


The application must be accompanied by proof of suitable training or the required professional experience.

Persons responsible for event technology who require a certificate of competence are

  • certified master craftsmen for event technology
  • technical specialists who have passed the subject-specific part of the master craftsman's examination "Certified Master Craftsman for Event Technology,
  • university graduates with a professional degree in theater or event technology with at least one year of professional experience in the technical operation of stages, studios or multi-purpose halls, and
  • technical stage and studio specialists (theater and lighting masters) who have obtained the certificate of competency in accordance with the regulations in force until the entry into force of the Ordinance.


The application can be submitted in writing, by e-mail or by online application to the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

The application must be accompanied by proof of suitable training or the required professional experience and a passport photo. The IHK examines the application and issues a certificate of proficiency if necessary.

Special notes

Proof of the required prerequisite must always be attached to the application.



Processing time

approx. 2 weeks

Required documents

  • The following documents are required:

    • Proof of having successfully passed the "Certified Master Craftsman for Event Technology" examination.
    • Proof of a university degree in the field of theatre or event technology (plus one year of professional experience in event technology)
    • Proof of technical stage and studio expertise (theatre or lighting master)
    • Evidence of equivalent training acquired in another member state of the European Union or a state party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area and evidenced by a training certificate shall be deemed equivalent in accordance with the European Directives on the recognition of professional qualifications.
    • for certificate of competency: passport photo


  • A fee of EUR 50.00 is charged for the certificate of competency.




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