Flight school; submission of a declaration as a training organization

The training organization must declare the operation of a flight school for the training of light aircraft, glider, balloon and private pilots (without instrument rating).



The DTO must have its principal place of business in a member state of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). When conducting flight training on an aircraft, the DTO may only use aerodromes or operating sites that have suitable facilities and characteristics for the corresponding flight exercises with regard to the training offered and the aircraft types and categories used.

Activities at different aerodromes are possible if the necessary personnel and facilities are available.

Each DTO shall appoint a responsible representative and a training manager. Both positions can be held by one person. The responsibilities and tasks of the responsible representative and the training manager can be found in DTO.GEN.210. In addition, it should be noted that for the period within the last 5 years prior to the notification of a training organization:

  • there must be no knowledge that a license or authorization has been revoked, suspended or placed in abeyance
  • no circumstances may be known that are not in accordance with the Basic Regulation and the other implementing provisions.

It is also a requirement for the instructor to hold a valid FI instructor license, which is not restricted. The theory instructors appointed by the DTO require either

  • a practical aviation background in the areas relevant to the training and must have completed a training course in teaching techniques or
  • must have experience in giving theory instruction and an appropriate background of theoretical knowledge in the subject in which they will give theory instruction.

Instructors used by the DTO for practical training must have the qualifications required by Part-FCL for the type of training they provide. They must therefore hold the appropriate license, rating and instructor certificate.


The declaration must be addressed to the competent authority. In Germany, this is the aviation authority of the federal state in which the DTO has its principal place of business.

If the training takes place on an aircraft with a turbine, the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA) is the competent authority. Training activities in several EASA member states as a DTO are possible. A DTO cannot offer training outside the member states of EASA.

Based on the information and documents provided, the LBA checks whether the relevant requirements are met by the training organization.

Special notes

Compliance with the legal requirements is regularly checked by the authority through supervisory activities in the form of inspections and audits.


The declaration as a Declared Training Organization (DTO) must be submitted before the start of the training activity. The training activity may begin after the declaration has been submitted.

Required documents

  • Training programs

  • Evidence of personnel


  • approx. 150,00 - 300,00 EUR


Administrative court action


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