Shooting range; application for an operating permit

A permit is required to operate a shooting range.


If you wish to operate a fixed or movable facility used for shooting sports or other shooting exercises with firearms, the testing of firearms or shooting with firearms for amusement (shooting range), or if you wish to significantly change its nature or the way it is used, you require a permit from the district administrative authority.

No permit is required for shooting ranges where shooting is carried out in closed rooms exclusively for the purpose of testing firearms or ammunition by firearms or ammunition manufacturers, by firearms or ammunition experts or by scientific institutions. The operator shall notify the competent authority in writing two weeks in advance of the commencement and termination of the operation of the shooting range.

In the case of mobile shooting ranges, a one-time permit prior to the first installation is sufficient. The holder of such a permit shall notify the locally competent district administrative authority in writing of the commencement and termination of the operation of the shooting range two weeks in advance.


The permit may only be issued if the applicant

  • has the required reliability (§ 5 WaffG) and
  • personal suitability (§ 6 WaffG) and
  • has taken out insurance against liability for damage resulting from the operation of the shooting range in the amount of at least 1 million euros - lump sum for personal injury and property damage - and against accident for damage resulting from the operation of the shooting range to persons involved in the organization of the shooting operation in the amount of at least 10,000 euros for death and 100,000 euros for disability with an insurance company authorized to do business in the area of application of this law. Pursuant to Section 1 (2) No. 2 of the Showmen's Liability Ordinance, shooting operations are subject to compulsory liability insurance.


For mobile or permit-exempt shooting ranges, written notification must be received by the county administrative authority two weeks prior to the start of operations.


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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