Safety-related systems and equipment; application for recognition as a testing expert

You can apply to the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers for recognition as an inspection expert in the field of safety-related systems and equipment.


In Bavaria, the designation "Test expert for safety-related systems and equipment" in a specific field may only be used by those who are recognized in this field and this specialty.

Test experts for safety-related systems and equipment can be recognized in the following specialties:

  • Ventilation systems, if necessary limited to garage ventilation systems,
  • CO warning systems
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Security power supplies
  • fire extinguishing systems.

Test experts for safety systems certify the compliance of technical systems and equipment with the requirements of public law within the meaning of §§ 1 and 2 of the Safety System Test Ordinance (§ 24 PrüfVBau). They are independent within the scope of the duties incumbent upon them.

The registration committee at the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers examines and decides on the recognition as an inspection expert for safety installations. Proof of the required expertise in the field to which the testing activity is to relate is provided by means of an expert opinion which the registration committee obtains from the Saarland Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Stuttgart Region Chamber of Industry and Commerce or the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers.

The Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers maintains a list of recognized testing experts for safety-related systems and equipment.


General requirements (apply to inspection experts in all fields and disciplines, § 4 PrüfVBau):

Inspection experts can only be persons who

  1. have the personality to guarantee that they perform their tasks properly in the sense of § 5 PrüfVBau,
  2. have the ability to hold public office,
  3. work independently and on their own responsibility
  4. have their place of business or a branch office in the Free State of Bavaria,
  5. have a command of the German language, both written and spoken.

Special requirements (§ 22 PrüfVBau):

Only persons who have

  1. have completed an engineering degree at a German university or an equivalent degree at a foreign university,
  2. have provided proof of their special expertise in the field to which their testing activities are to relate by means of an expert report, and
  3. have been practically active as an engineer for at least five years in the field in which the testing activity is to be performed and have assisted in tests for at least two years.

The registration committee obtains an expert opinion from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Saarland, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of the Stuttgart Region or the Chamber of Engineers of Brandenburg as to whether condition No. 2 is fulfilled. Test experts for the testing of safety-related systems and equipment do not have to work independently if they are employees of a company or organization whose purpose is to perform comparable tests and whose employees are not subject to any technical instructions for the testing activity.


  • for the applicant: none
  • for the authority: three months after receipt of the application and complete presentation of the documents; the deadline can be extended once by two months

Required documents

  • Curriculum vitae with professional background

  • Certificate of good conduct

    Proof of application for a certificate of good conduct for submission to a public authority

  • Final and employment certificates (copy)

  • Information on branches

  • Information on any participation in a company whose purpose is the planning and execution of construction projects.

  • Information on personal responsibility (only necessary to a limited extent) and independence

  • Evidence of compliance with the specific conditions

    evidence of at least five years' experience in the field in which the audit is to be carried out, at least two years of which must have been spent assisting in audit activities



  • for members of the Bavarian Chamber of Civil Engineers: 260 Euro

    for non-members: 468 Euro


Administrative court proceedings; information

administrative claim


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