Prostitutes; perception of a health consultation

If you wish to work as a prostitute, you must attend a health consultation in accordance with Section 10 of the Law for the Protection of Persons Engaged in Prostitution (ProstSchG) at the health office before registering for the first time.


§ Section 10 of the Act on the Protection of Persons Engaged in Prostitution (Prostituted Persons Protection Act - ProstSchG) provides for health counseling by an authority responsible for the public health service (ÖGD) for persons who work as a prostitute or who wish to engage in such activity. In Bavaria, these are the health offices at the respective district administrative authorities. The health advice is adapted to the personal life situation of the person being advised and should in particular address questions of

  • disease prevention,
  • the regulation of conception
  • pregnancy and
  • and the risks of alcohol and drug use.

and drug use.

Health counseling shall be confidential. The person being counselled is given the opportunity to disclose any existing predicament or distress. Third parties may be consulted for the purpose of language mediation only, subject to mutual consent.

After the counseling, the competent authority (public health department) issues a certificate to the counseled person with the following information:

  1. First name and surname of the counseled person,
  2. date of birth of the counseled person,
  3. issuing agency of the public health service and
  4. date of the health consultation.

The certificate of health counselling

  • can be issued on the alias at the request of the consulted person (the prerequisite for this is an existing alias certificate. The alias certificate is issued only in the registration procedure, for this a certificate according to § 10 ProstSchG is a prerequisite. Consequence: The certificate of health consultation must always be issued in the real first name and surname for the first consultation, for subsequent certificates the alias may then be considered),
  • is valid in the entire federal territory
  • is to be carried by the prostitute or prostitute when performing the activity.

The certificate of health consultation is a prerequisite for registering the activity as a prostitute or prostitute.


A prerequisite for obtaining the certificate of health counseling is participation in an appropriate counseling session.


Health advice is provided by the ÖGD in the district administrative authorities (state and municipal health offices).

Locally responsible is the public health office in whose area of responsibility falls the place where you intend to carry out your main activity as a prostitute or as a prostitute, insofar as prostitution is permitted there. In municipalities with less than 30,000 inhabitants, as well as in individual other larger municipalities, there is a complete ban on prostitution by legal decree. Therefore, only health offices in whose district there is a municipality with at least 30,000 inhabitants in which prostitution is not completely prohibited by a local prohibition ordinance are responsible.


If necessary, individual health offices have a separate consultation hour with a separate appointment for the health consultation.

The health consultation must take place before the first registration of the activity and, in the case of

  • prostitutes aged 21 and over at least every twelve months, and for prostitutes
  • prostitutes under 21 years of age at least every six months.

for prostitutes under 21 years of age.

The certificate of health consultation can be used for three months for the first registration of the activity as a prostitute or as a prostitute (§ 4 para. 3 sentence 1 ProstSchG).

Processing time

The health consultation usually lasts about an hour. The certificate is issued afterwards.

Required documents

  • Identity card, passport, substitute passport or substitute identity card

  • alias certificate, if applicable


  • The issuance of the certificate of health consultation costs 35.00 EUR (No. 7.VIII.1/2.1 Schedule of costs (KVz)).

Legal bases

Links to more information

  • Prostituiertenschutzgesetz

    Die Internetseite des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Familie, Arbeit und Soziales enthält neben grundsätzlichen Informationen zum ProstSchG auch eine Übersicht über die in Bayern für die Erlaubnisausstellung zuständigen Stellen.

  • Gesundheitliche Beratung nach dem Prostituiertenschutzgesetz

    Die Internetseite des Bayerischen Staatsministeriums für Gesundheit und Pflege enthält Informationen zur gesundheitlichen Beratung nach dem ProstSchG sowie Verweise auf die Beratung zuständigen Stellen.


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