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If you want to drill a well, you must indicate this.



You intend to drill a well from which you want to draw water.


You must submit the notification to the responsible lower water authority (district office or independent city).

As part of the notification, the competent authority will check, in particular with the involvement of the water management authority, whether or, if applicable, under what restrictions the installation of the well at the planned location is possible. Furthermore, as part of this examination, a decision is made as to whether a permit procedure under water law must be carried out in addition to the notification. The result of this examination is communicated in writing by the competent authority. If the competent authority does not prohibit the construction of the well within one month of receipt of the complete notification, the well can be constructed as notified if the planned use does not require a permit.

The drilling company must submit the drilling documentation after completion of the drilling work without further request. These are

  • Well development plan with layer index and drilling profile,
  • Measurement of the top edge of the well at NN (standard zero)
  • Site plan with the exact well location and
  • Pumping test diagram (water level at rest/lowering of the water level at full pump load) in duplicate

Special notes

The Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) must be notified of all boreholes two weeks before work begins (see "Related topics").


The notification must be made at least one month before the planned start of the work.

Required documents

  • The following documents must be enclosed with the notification:

    • General plan with marking of the project location
    • Detailed location plan with entry of the project site
    • Expected layer profile of the subsoil
    • True-to-scale development plan according to DIN 4022 and Din 4023
    • Notice from the water supplier about the exemption from the connection and use obligation
    • If applicable, declaration of consent of the property owner
    • If applicable, certification according to DVGW W 120 of the drilling company in case of first-time notification.
    • If applicable, declaration of the drilling company commissioned


  • Fees for the examination of a complaint: EUR 25.00 to EUR 1,000.00


Administrative court proceedings; information

Administrative court action


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