Farm animal husbandry; display

In addition to farmers, private individuals with so-called hobby livestock farming must also register their animals or notify their farm.


Any person who intends to keep terrestrial animals (birds, terrestrial mammals, bees and bumblebees) shall notify the competent authority prior to the commencement of the activity, stating his name, address, location of the holding and description of its facilities, categories, species and the number of terrestrial animals kept and the capacity of the holding, type of holding and other aspects related to the holding that are relevant for determining the risk it poses.

Only households in which pets are kept are exempt from this requirement.

Changes and the abandonment of animal husbandry must also be reported.


You keep one of the above mentioned animal species.

You must have a farm number (registration number according to Regulation (EU) 2016/429). This must be applied for at the responsible office for food, agriculture and forestry. If a farm number already exists, it must be extended if necessary.

Special notes

Keepers of cattle, pigs, sheep, hens and turkeys must also register their livestock with the Animal Disease Fund.

The keeper of land animals must keep a stock register.

In addition, the admission of cattle, sheep, goats or pigs or the handing over of cattle must be reported to the Animal Origin Assurance and Information System (HIT database).


The notification must be made before the animal is kept.

The competent body must be notified of any changes without delay.


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Status: 11.01.2023

Responsible for editing: Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz

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